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Frontier Doctor, Medical Pioneer
The Life & Times of A.T. Still & His Family
By Charles Still, Jr., DO


254 pp., paperback….$20.00


Frontier Doctor, Medical Pioneer is an intimate look at the life of Andrew Taylor Still,
the founder of osteopathic medicine written by his grandson.

An Illustrated Practice of OsteopathyAn Illustrated Practice of Osteopathy, ca. 1908
by A.T. Still University and The Museum of Osteopathic Medicine (2005)

176 pp....$24.00

Sixty-nine original photos including one of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O. showing him giving a treatment from the Museums collection. Complete with prefaces written in four languages by Dr James McGovern, Former President of ATSU, Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum, and Drs. Etienne Cloet and Jane Stark. The individual pictures were developed for what the museum think was a book never published by Dr. Still, Illustrated Practise [sic] copyrighted in 1899. This is a unique look at the history of Osteopathy as the founder wanted it.


Autobiography of A. T. Still

by A. T. Still (2007, reprint of 1908 edition)

Autobiography of A.T. Still
402 pp., hardcover ..............$40.00


New Edition 2007 reprint of A.T. Still's 1908 autobiography. The original preface exhorts the reader, "When I tell you of an event it will be the truth as I remember it, regardless of how it may look in print . . . [If] you wish to read my story, please read as I write it, and not the garbled account of some newspaper misrepresentative."

Early Osteopathy in the
Words of A. T. Still

edited by R.V. Schnucker (1991)

Early Osteopathy
382 pp., hardcover ................$20.00


A.T. Still's writings were originally published in the Journal of Osteopathy as early as 1894. In the Journal, Still presented "talks" to his students, gave advice to the osteopathic profession, and published his own research. Compiled and published in 1992, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the first osteopathic school in Kirksville, Missouri. The book contains many photographs taken during Still's lifetime.

Philosophy of Osteopathy

Edited by Andrew Taylor Still, D.O. (7th reprint 1995)


Philosophy of Osteopathy

268 pp., hardcover….........$40.00


Still gives information about the diseases that affect the human body.

The First School of Osteopathic Medicine

by Georgia Warner Walter (1992)


The First School of Osteopathic Medicine
602 pp., hardcover .............$20.00


Documents the founding and growth of the American School of Osteopathy as it becomes the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine over the course of a century. Well indexed and an excellent reference.

The Lengthening Shadow
of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still

by Arthur Grant Hildreth, D.O. (1942)

The Lengthening Shadow of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still
457 pp., hardcover….........$50.00


As a member of the first class of osteopathy, Dr. Hildreth knew the Old Doctor intimately. Under Dr. Still’s tutelage he acquired an understanding and profound respect and enthusiasm for this new science.

Philosophy and Mechanical
Principles of Osteopathy

Edited by Andrew Taylor Still, D.O. (reprinted in 1986)

Philosophy and Mechanical Principles of Osteopathy
319 pp., hardcover….........$40.00


Still discusses the many diseases that effect different parts of the human body, their causes, and how they can be treated.



The Osteopathic Medicine Advantage: How Medical Miracles Are Made
by William J. Faber D.O. (Author), Richard Marvin Voigt (Illustrator), Jason Haxton M.A. (Contributor) (2011)

Osteopathy Research & Practice
190 pp., paperback .........$17.95


This is a book about how the world of medicine was changed by a Missouri country doctor's discoveries, it covers the founding of the first college and explains how osteopathic medicine today as over 100 years ago provides immediate improvements using osteopathic principles when all other allopathic methods have failed for many serious conditions, including
amputations, paralysis and severe genetic defects. Osteopathic physicians use these principles of health and healing in the 21st century.


The Feminine Touch, Women
in Osteopathic Medicine

by Thomas A. Quinn, D.O. (2011) 

194 pp....$34.95
The book showcases some of the women who rose above adversity to become osteopathic doctors in those early years, and includes prominent women osteopathic physicians up to the present time. The stories of their fight against the inequality of the sexes in medicine are intertwined with the struggles of osteopathy to be accepted as a valid scientific practice, showing the determination of these individuals who helped shape osteopathic medicine. This is a unique look at the history of women in osteopathy.


Dr. Max, Stories and tributes from
those who knew him, as
well as
Dr  Max in his own words.

by A.T. Still University (2010), Editor Phyllis Blondefield, Ph.D. 


92 pp....$24.95
Dr. Max Gutensohn is an icon in the osteopathic profession, teaching for more than forty-four years. Dr. Max made a lasting impression with his humble and wise demeanor, and this collection of short narratives, gives a glimpse of his commitment to patients, students and the osteopathic profession. 

Women and Osteopathic Medicine: Historical Perspectives
by Georgia Warner Walter (1994)

Women and Osteopathic Medicine: Historical Perspectives
32 pp., paper ….........$2.00


Overview of the contributions of women to osteopathic history, from Martha Poague Moore Still, A. T. Still's mother, through Dr. Jewel Malick, who served in the Persian Gulf War.

Osteopathic Medicine: Past and Present
by Georgia Warner Walter (1993)


Osteopathic Medicine: Past and Present
24 pp., paper ….........$2.00


A brief but informative look at the history of osteopathic medicine