Doing the DAT | Kim D.


“All of my professors have been so encouraging to me.”

I’m surprised by how much I’m learning. I’m not sure exactly what I really expected, but this program has helped make me a more relevant clinician, more engaged in the issues currently facing our profession, and more passionate about being the best AT I can be.

All of my professors have been so encouraging to me. It fuels my drive to succeed and serves as a motivator to keep giving all I’ve got in my classes. They have all been accessible, responsive, kind, and have challenged me and made me better.

My schedule can be hectic, and during these times, when I struggle to find motivation, I remind myself that this time is a season—a season to make sacrifices, knowing these sacrifices will pay off when I complete my degree. When I get busy or stressed, my family is my best champion. My athletes are also supportive and that lets me know that what I’m doing matters to my patients already.

On a practical level, to fit in both work and school, I set aside specific windows of time to get my studying done. Usually this is in the evenings when I return from work. In order to maintain balance, I also plan one night a week to take off from studying.

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