Doing the DAT | Brandon H.


“Before I decided to earn my DAT degree at ATSU, I felt stale at work.”

My interest in ATSU’s DAT program was piqued by the caliber of the faculty members and because I could complete the program online while maintaining my commitments to my family and my job.

I didn’t intend to get a doctorate degree but working in a high school setting reminded me that there are literally millions of young people who absolutely need our service, and I couldn’t serve them all by myself.

One part of the program I looked forward to most was the Winter Institute. I couldn’t wait to get there and see all my professors and classmates face to face. It was my FAVORITE part of the program! I had the opportunity to rub elbows with university presidents, athletic training program directors from across the country, and the top brass in the CAATE, NATA, and BOC.

Not only was I challenged like never before in my educational career, but I’ve also gained a powerful network of people in and beyond the program who inspire me to grow in way I’ve never considered.

To any prospective ATSU DAT student, I would say YOU CAN DO IT! Set a routine. For the short time when you’re focusing on your degree, don’t expect balance between work, school, and life. Dig in and give it your best effort. You’re worth it, and you owe it to yourself!

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