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About Sponsored Programs

ATSU has a unique, dynamic, and productive sponsored programs environment. Typically, sponsored program grant funding is sought and led primarily by ATSU faculty to investigate, demonstrate, and/or implement innovative scholarly or research projects, as well as to conduct value-added academic and/or public health and welfare initiatives. Additionally, ATSU student interest and involvement are nurtured and encouraged in sponsored research and scholarly activity, due to dedicated faculty mentorship.

The University highly values and supports the acquisition of sponsored program grant awards that underscore ATSU’s mission, vision, and strategic plan. Faculty members and trainees are further encouraged and supported to compete for prestigious grant funding in their areas of expertise.

ATSU defines a sponsored program as an exchange transaction between a funding source and an ATSU principal investigator/project director, wherein the funding source typically “invests” in an in-depth and detailed project with promising outcomes.