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Research Centers

Center for Research in Osteopathic Manual Medicine Education



The CROME mission is to advance the use of objective feedback methods in educational programs that train learners in the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic manual skills.

SRI Scientists

  • Eric Snider, DO , Center Director
  • Lisa Chun, DO
  • Brian Degenhardt, DO
  • Christian Fossum, DO (Europe)
  • Deborah Heath, DO
  • Jonathon Kirsch, DO

SRI Research Associates

  • Jane Johnson, MA
  • Ken Pamperin, MS

General Areas of Research and Current Projects:

  • Assessing Palpation Skills of Osteopathic Medical Students and Clinicians
  • Developing and offering programming that incorporates objective measures of palpation within osteopathic curricula to increase the accuracy and validity of palpatory diagnosis and treatment