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Your Role as a Preceptor Benefits for Primary Preceptors

Professional Development Preceptor CE Credit

Academic & Clinical Educational Affairs contact & Regional Site locations


Professional Development Resources for Regional Preceptors

"The successful teacher is no longer on a height, pumping knowledge at high pressure into passive receptacles...He is a senior student anxious to help his juniors." 
–Sir William Osler, The Student Life

Orientation Module

This module is the first in a three-part preceptor orientation program. It provides information and resources to help you, your staff, and your student(s) to get off to a good start on the rotation. Following an introductory section which focuses on how preceptor thinking skills impact teaching, subsequent concepts include determining goals for the rotation and preparing for a successful first day.



Teaching Skills

Preceptor Training Tools

Preceptor Training Opportunities

Clinical Web Resources

The following categories of websites have been compiled for your use as a preceptor:

Academic - Websites maintained by medical schools for patient information and community education.

Association - Websites maintained by medical associations and related groups to disseminate practice guidelines and policies, patient information, and other information useful to the practicing physician.

Collaborative/Review - Organization websites that review online medical information and health information websites.

Government - Websites and databases maintained by the U.S. government for the dissemination of information related to human disease.

Publisher - Websites providing medical literature online to subscribers.

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