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Academic Staff

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dean's office

Margaret Wilson, DO, Dean (KCOM)
Kelly Kirkland, MBA
, Executive Assistant to the Dean

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Academic and Clinical educational affairs

Kent Campbell, DO, Associate Dean for Academic and Clinical Educational Affairs
Tammy Kriegshauser, MBA, Asst. Dean for Academic and Clinical Educational Affairs
Donna Hettinger
, Administrative Assistant
Jennifer Magruder, AD, Project Coordinator
Jody Peterson, BS, Administrative Assistant
Shelley Reed, Project Coordinator
Courtney Ross, Receptionist
Tabitha Sawyer, Clinical Technology Coordinator
Amy Schiff, Rotation Site Coordinator

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Patricia Sexton, DHEd, FNAOME, Associate Dean for Curriculum
Jennifer Tuttle, BS, Supervisor of Curriculum
Teale Hocker, MBA, Testing Coordinator
Lois Epperson, Administrative Support
James Grove 1SG, Ret., Instructional Coordinator
Marcie Stansberry, Instructional Coordinator
Richelle Lee, BS, Instructional Coordinator
Chris Lindley, BS, Coordinator
Rebecca McClure, MM, Instructional Coordinator
Lisa Archer, BSN, Director of Simulation and Performance Assessment
Elaine Louder, BS
, Human Simulation Center Lab Technician
Talia Harris, RN, Supervisor of Standardized Patient Program
Valerie Hamlin, BS, Curriculum Coordinator

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Still opti

Richard LaBaere, DO, MPH, FAODME, Associate Dean of Postgraduate Training and OPTI Academic Officer
Lisa March, MBA,
Executive Director
Serenity Bohon, Administrative Assistant

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