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Counseling Services:
Counseling Services provides individual, couple, and group counseling, as well as referral and consultation services. All services are provided free of charge for ATSU students and their significant partners/families.

Counseling is a confidential service. Anything you say to a counselor and/or the fact that you used this service will not be disclosed to other persons or agencies without your consent, within ethical limitations. No information about counseling goes on your academic record.

Counseling Services can also assist students in locating resources and other services available on campus or in the city that are specific to their needs.

Programs using a workshop format are offered to enhance personal growth and skill development. These may include stress management, relationship enhancement, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

The Counseling Services staff adheres to the ethical code of the American Counseling Association.

Financial Services:
Investing in your future as a student is one of the most important steps you will take in your life. ATSU can help you put together a financially sound aid package that will let you focus on your education instead of worrying about how you will finance it.

To get started, choose your program from one of the options Financial Services has available. With assistance from various sources, we hope to make applying for financial aid to attend ATSU an easy process for all.

ATSU's Office of the Registrar supports the institutional mission by providing quality services to students, faculty, academic and administrative departments, and alumni. The Registrar's Office protects the integrity of the University through fair and consistent application of the academic rules and regulations established by the faculty, administration, and state and federal governments.

Core functions:

  • Collect and record student and instructional academic program information, including processes related to registration, grades, and verifications.
  • Officially respond to requests for information about students and programs and serve as the official manager for access to and release of academic and educational information (e.g. requests for student information, including all issues related to FERPA).
  • Provide support for determining academic progress (e.g. degree audits, dismissal and probation, withdraws, and commencement certification).
  • Monitor compliance with Student Health Insurance policy and Criminal Background Check policy .
  • Advise and provide services to international students .
  • Provide support and services to prospective, current, and former students .
  • Provide training to University personnel regarding FERPA policies and guidelines .

Student Resources:
Individual consultation is available for students who would like help improving their study strategies or their test taking skills. Student Resources staff provide academic advising in the areas of note taking, memorization techniques, determining study priorities, using resource materials, studying for tests, reducing test anxiety, effectively using a tutor, and studying in a small group.

Throughout the year a variety of seminars and/or workshops may be offered for both students and faculty. Students may be offered sessions on study strategies, test-taking, preparing for boards, becoming an effective tutor, etc. Workshops for faculty could include such topics as teaching strategies, working with students with special needs, test writing, research findings from cognitive science research, etc.

Students may contact their campus Student Resources Office to request services by telephone, email, or by mail.

Thompson Campus Center (TCC):
The overall philosophy of ATSU TCC is to provide an atmosphere of health and programs which will enable each individual to reach his/her maximum potential in mind, body, and spirit. This "holistic" approach to medicine is distinctive to the osteopathic profession. We encourage you to use the TCC and participate in the variety of amenities and activities.

The TCC's programs and activity classes include aerobic/step fitness, toning, spin, Pilates, yoga, cardio kickboxing, and circuit weight training. Qualified instructors teach all classes. Also available are men's and women's racquetball, "A" and "B" league basketball, power and co-ed volleyball leagues, indoor soccer, as well as numerous tournaments and special one-day road races. (Pick up a schedule if interested).

The TCC staff serves the fitness, exercise, and recreational needs of the students and their families. The hallmark of the TCC is quality facilities and programs in a convenient-to-the-student location.


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