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Here is an example of how I ran the contest for our KCOM medical students. You are invited to solve the cases yourself. The answers to the questions are now available.

ID's Golden Stethoscope Contest

Information and Rules

You will be given one of 5 different cases (1 case every 2 weeks). The cases are short vignettes with 2-4 questions after them. These are optional exercises. They are designed to help you study and apply the material you are learning in class.

    1. You have about two weeks to get back your responses to the questions. The deadline to return your responses will be with the cases.
    2. The first student to answer the questions correctly will win the Golden Stethoscope Award. One "Golden Stethoscope Award" will be given out at the ID class following the deadline of each case.
    3. Every student that emails in their answers to the questions in the case by the deadline can receive up to 3 bonus points. If you answer all the questions correctly you get all the points. If you answer all the questions incorrectly you get zero points. If you answer some of the questions correctly you will get somewhere between zero and 3 points. These 3 points will be added to the numerator not the denominator in calculating your grade (bonus points).
    4. All the cases will be posted on Stillnet at the microbiology site.
    5. You must turn in your answers by email. Only the first submission of your answers will be accepted. The cases will not be given out in class and it is your responsibility to get the cases from the stillnet site in a timely fashion. It is not the departments fault if the Stillnet server crashes an hour before the deadline.
    6. No points will be given if you choose not to participate.
    7. All decisions regarding correctness of the student answers are made by the course director and are final. All students returning answers to the cases will be given an email containing the correct answers and the number of points they have earned and/or notification if they have gotten the Golden Stethoscope Award.
    8. You can only win one Golden Stethoscope Award. If you win a Golden Stethoscope Award you can still participate in future cases to get the bonus points.
    9. To get to the cases click on one of the links below.
    10. The course director reserves the right to stop the contests at any time for any reason. (The students were given two weeks to complete the case and turn in their answers by email.)

Case 1

Case 2


Case 4

Case 5

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