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Biological Warfare/Bioterrorism Handbook


  1. Introduction

  2. History of Biological Warfare/Bioterrorism

  3. International Treaties

  4. Use of BW by Nonstate Actors

  5. The U.S. Response to the BW Threat: Legislation and Strategy

  6. What are Medical Countermeasures?

  7. What are the Necessary Elements in BW Production?

  8. Why Do State/Nonstate Actors Choose to use BW?

  9. What Does it Mean to Weaponize a Biological Agent and What Factors are Considered When a BW is Weaponized?

  1. What are the Potential BW and How are They Classified ?

  2. What is Anthrax?

  3. What is Botulism?

  4. What is Plague?

  5. What is Smallpox?

  6. What is Tularemia?

  7. What are Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers?

  8. Dilemmas Associated with the Potential BW Threat

  9. References

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