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Steinbaum-Levine Endowment Fund
for the Advancement of Osteopathic Medicine

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History of Steinbaum-Levine Family

David S. Steinbaum, D.O., Bayonne, N.J., graduated from A.T. Still University-Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU-KCOM) in 1930. Dr. Steinbaum became the patriarch of a family of dedicated osteopathic physicians that started with the Steinbaums and then grew to include the Levine family. Howard M. Levine, D.O., Dr. Steinbaum’s son-in-law, graduated from ATSU-KCOM in 1954 and then practiced with Dr. Steinbaum for 35 years.

Dr. David Steinbaum began his practice during the Depression years in the small town of Bayonne, N.J., where most of his family lived. From the office located in his home, he treated most members of his and his wife Viola’s large family, including delivering many of his nieces and nephews. While frowned upon now, it was a common practice in the Depression era 1930’s. Always accessible to his children and extended family members, they found their patriarch to be an extraordinary physician in his compassionate, knowledgeable, care and his use of osteopathic manipulation. He radiated a love of his work in a quietly charismatic way, and his influence touched several generations of family. His tireless commitment to advancing the osteopathic profession was also recognized and noteworthy.

Inspired by Dr. David Steinbaum, family members have emulated his legacy of patient care and volunteerism. The Steinbaum-Levine family has faithfully served in volunteer leadership positions at ATSU-KCOM, as well as with local, state, and national osteopathic organizations. As a testament to their support of education, the family created the Steinbaum-Levine Scholarship Endowment fund at ATSU-KCOM that provided scholarship awards to 100 students amounting to $311,750.00 from 1969-2003. The endowment fund was changed from a scholarship endowment to the Steinbaum-Levine Endowment Fund for the Advancement of Osteopathic Medicine at ATSU-KCOM.

Seventeen family members have followed Dr. David Steinbaum and Dr. Howard Levine in the osteopathic profession thus far. In recognition of their family’s history of leadership, service, and support, ATSU-KCOM proudly dedicates the Steinbaum-Levine Legacy Hall.

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