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ATSU:  Kirksville's Partner since 1892

General Information

With three of its six schools located on the Missouri Campus, including the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) and, as of 2013, Missouri School of Dentistry & Oral Health (MOSDOH), ATSU has been Kirksville's partner since 1892. 

Contributions from friends and alumni have been helping students since 1894 when the people of Kirksville, Missouri, donated $2,500 to help Dr. Andrew Taylor Still expand the founding school of osteopathic medicine.

This culture of giving to support the students of ATSU continues today through the Kirksville Preferred Merchants (KPM) scholarship program.  As a member of the Kirksville business and professional community, you are invited to show your support of the students and University by becoming a KPM.

As a KPM, you will:

  • receive a distinguishing window decal for your storefront that identifies you as a Kirksville Preferred Merchant
  • be recognized as a Kirksville Preferred Merchant in university donor publications
  • be invited to attend special Campus events
  • be among the businesses the students of ATSU will be encouraged to patronize

Please join us in continuing the legacy of community support for the students of ATSU by becoming a Kirksville Preferred Merchant today.

Special thanks to those who have made generous investments in our students in the past.
We hope you will continue your support to help lead us into the future ~




The Kirksville Preferred Merchants Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 1989 by Kirksville and Northeast Missouri area merchants and professionals. The scholarship assists local students with tuition payments, which lessens their need for educational loans.

Since 1989, KPMs have awarded more than $85,000 in scholarships. As preferred merchants of our students and staff, members of the local business and professional community have provided generous support to our University community. You now have the opportunity to continue your investment in the future of cutting-edge medicine.

ATSU-KCOM KPM Scholarship Recipients 2014-2015

Daryl Grigsby

Daryl Grigsby

Stacy Reichel

Stacy Reichel

It was wonderful being recognized and feeling like the merchants in the City of Kirksville cared enough to support the students in this way. It was extremely helpful in a time of need, and I would like to thank the merchants that donated for this award. –Daryl Grigsby

I am truly grateful to the businesses that give to this scholarship because it has made a positive impact on my time here at KCOM. Thank you for everyone's continued support of our local Kirksville medical students. – Stacy Reichel




As part of the Kirksville community since 1892, A.T. Still University is a major employer with a vested interested in strengthening the relationship between it's students, faculty, and staff and the local merchants.

A few statistics -- Faculty / Staff

~ 366 full time faculty/staff
~ 106 part-time faculty/staff

Turning Our Words into Action -- ATSU Gives Back to the Kirksville Community

~ 2014 United Way contributions -- $10,686
~ 2014 Faculty / Staff Campaign --  $74,771

How Your Gift Impacts ATSU-KCOM & MOSDOH Students
Your gift can impact our students by helping to off-set the costs they will incur to attend KCOM or MOSDOH. 
(Class of 2019 Freshman Budget for the 2015-16 school year)

Tuition $49,363 $63,862
Education Supply Fees & Equip. Expenses, Books


Housing, Food, Transportation (est.) 


Insurance, Loan Fees, & Personal Expenses (est.)


TOTAL Annual Student Budget * 



*The standard student budget is a conservative estimate of the cost to attend KCOM or MOSDOH and maintain a modest but adequate standard of living.




Thank you to those who have accepted our invitation...

The following merchants have accepted our invitation to become Kirksville Preferred Merchants.  Please join us in thanking them with your patronage.

Ameren Missouri

Lovegreen Ford Chrysler

Philip Dale Barrett, Attorney at Law

New Concepts Open MRI, LLC

Beard's Decorating Center

Pagliai's Pizza

Benton & Associates Inc.

Shuttle Train Airplane Taxi (STAT)

Century 21 Whitney Agency, Inc.

Sieren's Palace

Heritage House Realty, Inc.

Sparks Cleaners

Jamco Awards

Winkler Communication Services

La Fuente Mexican Restaurant


Special thanks to those who have made generous investments in our students in the past.
We hope you will continue your support to help lead us into the future ~

Please consider joining us in continuing the legacy of community support for the students of A.T. Still University by becoming a Kirksville Preferred Merchant today.