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General information:

ATSU Annual Giving Levels:

  • Centennial Circle
  • Curator's Circle
  • Trustee's Circle
  • President's Circle
  • Dean's Circle
  • Ambassador
  • Advocate
  • Friend

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Why Give

Annual Fund Campaign

Whether you’re an alumnus of ASDOH, ASHS, CGHS, KCOM, MOSDOH, or SOMA…….it’s your ATSU!!  Giving back to ATSU is an opportunity to invest in your alma mater, your profession, your mentors, and your colleagues.  Your gift to the annual fund underscores the significance of the work you do as a healthcare professional. 

ATSU is a private, not-for-profit educational institution.  Because tuition only covers approximately 62 percent of the University’s budget, the remaining amount comes from the important support of our alumni and friends with annual fund gifts, endowment income, grants, and bequests.

How is my annual fund gift utilized?

The decision is up to you!  You may elect to provide an unrestricted gift for ATSU or any of its six schools, or you may elect to make a restricted gift for a specific school, department, or a priority such as student scholarships.  If you have a special project in mind, our gift officers would be happy to work with you.