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Student Government

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The Student Government Association (SGA) is vested with the responsibility of advocating for student rights, needs, interests, and welfare. They are the active voice of the student body. Elections are held the last week of September of each year. Students from all programs are eligible to run for office. SGA provides a great opportunity for honing leadership skills.

The SGA board meets on a regular basis beginning the week after elections and break from regular meetings during the summer quarter. They meet every other week at 6:00 p.m. on campus. Meetings are open to all students and employees.

Board Members

Executive Board:

Kristel Croffoot, President

Jessica Carlson , Vice President

Rachael Feierstein, Programs Chair

Robert Trujuillo, ASDOH 2011, Activities Co-Chair

Bradley Stoker- Finance Chair

Nishant Chauhan - Judicial Chair

Sara Naylor - Networks Chair

Michael Strickland - Communications Chair

Program Representatives

Chioma Ohalete, SOMA 2013, SOMA Rep, 1st Yr

Chad Taylor, SOMA, 2013, SOMA Rep, 1st Yr

Carlann Defontes , SOMA 2012, SOMA Rep, 2nd Yr

Jonathon Osgood, SOMA 2012, SOMA Rep, 2nd Yr

Jennifer Lee , Physicians Assistant 2010, PA 2nd Yr

Nicole Schedeler, Physician Assistant 2011, PA Rep 1st Yr

Erin Shaw, Physical Therapy, PT Rep 1st Yr

Lindsay Marrs, Physical Therapy, PT Rep 2nd Yr

Tabitha Hannum, Physical Therapy, PT Rep 3rd Yr

Jay Richman, Audiology, 2013, AUD Rep 1st Yr

Tammie LeBlanc, Audiology, 2012, AUD Rep 2nd Yr

John Burkart and Leilani Lewis, Audiology 2011, AUD Rep 3rd Yr

Jason Leyendecker, Audiology 2010, AUD Rep 4th Yr

Sara Allender, Occupational Therapy 2011, OT Rep 1st  Yr

Laura Habermann, Occupational Therapy 2010, OT Rep 2nd Yr

Samantha Campbell , Athletic Training 2011, AT Rep 1st Yr

Katie McBain , Athletic Training 2010, AT Rep 2nd Yr

Imran Patel , ASDOH 2013, Dental Rep 1st Yr

Josh Payne , ASDOH 2012, Dental Rep 2nd Yr

Andreina Ramones , ASDOH 2011, Dental Rep 3rd Yr

Shannon Mcgrane , ASDOH 2010, Dental Rep 4th Yr

Faculty/Staff Liaisons

Dr. McLeod, ASHS Faculty Liaison, ASHS Liaison

Beth Poppre, Department of Student Affairs Liaison, SGA Advisor

Pending, ASDOH Faculty Liasion, ASDOH Liaison

Lorree Ratto, SOMA Faculty Liaison, SOMA Liaison

Activities (return to top)

The SGA sponsors several activities throughout the academic year:

  • Winter Festival
  • Spring Fling
  • Movie Nights on Campus

Conference Reimbursements (return to top)

All current, full-time students are eligible for conference travel reimbursement funds or funds for Humanitarian/Outreach trips.  Download request form here. PDF

Each year the SGA allocates a percentage of its total budget to these funds.  Reimbursements are available for travel/events between July 1st and  June 30th of the current academic year.  Request forms MUST BE TURNED IN BY mid-MARCH.  Once all the applications are submitted the SGA treasurer will divide the requests equally and issue checks in mid-May.  Students may only apply for either travel funds or humanitarian/outreach funds.  If you have any questions please contact the SGA Finance Chair.

Reimbursement will only be awarded upon proof of receipt.    If your travel/events occurs AFTER the mid-March submission date, you may submit an estimation of your expenses but you will not receive a reimbursement check until you have submitted your receipts.

Drop off the forms and receipts in the SGA mailbox located in Department of Student Affairs (3rd floor) or via mail to:  ATSU – SGA, 5850 E. Still Circle, Mesa, AZ 85206 (no faxes please).

Intramural Sports (return to top)

The SGA has an Intramual Sports fund to reimburse students who play on Intramural sports teams. The reimbursement is 50% of the registration fee for ATSU students up to $200. If you have ATSU students from 3 or more different programs on one team then the reimbursement is up to $250.

SGA does not reimburse for non-ATSU team members. To calculate reimbursement, take the total registration fee, divide it by the number of all team members, and half of that amount will be give to each ATSU student player (up to the limits stated above).

To receive the reimbursement, email the SGA Programs Chair. He/she will need the paid receipt and team roster (indicating who is an ATSU student and what programs); or drop off the hard copies in the SGA mailbox in the Department of Student Affairs office on the third floor.

The SGA also has ATSU jerseys available for team use. These are basketball style jerseys, but can be used for any sport. There are 30 jerseys, first come first serve. Contact the Program's Chair to check them out.

Intramural Sports Opportunities

If you want more info about sports offered in the area, check out the Mesa City League website: http://www.cityofmesa.org/parksrec/adult. There are also sports offered through the YMCA as well..

Winter 2009-10 sports are beginning soon! Here is what is available nearby:

Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Dodgeball

(sign-ups for those interested are located at the front desk at the Y)

**Full Member/Program Fee is $450

  • Men's Basketball (Team pricing is based on 8-12 players/teams)
    • December 12, 2009---February 20, 2010 T/TH 6p-9p
    • December 12, 2009---February 20, 2010 T/W 11a-1p
    • December 12, 2009---February 20, 2010 S 1p-5p
  • Volleyball (Team pricing is based on 8-12 players/team)
    • December 12, 2009---February 20, 2010 M/W 6p-9p
    • December 12, 2009---February 20, 2010 M/Th 11a-1p

Big League Dream Sports Complex (located on Elliott and Recker Rd)


  • Softball
    • November 11 Softball Men Team fee is $225, minimum of 12 players required player fee $25
    • November 30 Softball Coed
  • Soccer
    • November 22 Soccer Coed Team fee is $275, minimum of 9 players required player fee $25
    • December 11 Soccer Coed

Good luck with your sports!


Scholarships (return to top)

The SGA currently offers one scholarship annually to all full-time students in good standing.

New Student Guide (return to top)

New to Mesa, Arizona?

Click Here to use the New Student Guide from the Arizona Student Government Association!