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Student Leaders & Organizations

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Types of Organizations:

Social organizations are those groups whose primary purpose is to promote activities of a social or recreational nature.

Academic/educational organizations are those groups whose primary purpose is to promote activities of a medical or educational nature including scholarship, research, clinical experiences, readings, etc.

Students desiring to form a new organization and who wish to have official recognition by the College must submit a signed petition requesting official recognition to the Student Government Association (SGA). The petition must be accompanied by a statement of purpose of the organization and by copies of the charter or constitution and bylaws of the organization which contains information concerning the requirements for membership and dues structure. Organizations with national affiliations must follow the same procedure for recognition as non-affiliated organizations.

The SGA will initially review all potential organizations. It will consider whether the constitution, bylaws, and other documents meet the requirements established by both the School and the SGA. If the SGA finds the organization to be viable and desirable as a student organization, and if it has a purpose for existence which is not in conflict with the purpose of the School, the SGA will submit a positive recommendation to the Assistant Vice President for Student and Alumni Services, who will further review the recommendation and documentation. Approval of organizations is determined by the Assistant Vice President for Student and Alumni Services.


Student organizations which are officially recognized by the University receive certain benefits. These benefits include:

  • Privilege to have access to and use of campus facilities; e.g., reserve meeting rooms, Lounge-East, Lounge-West, Patio, etc.
  • Permission to hold events and advertise via campus media, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Opportunity to have access to campus audio visual/ technical assistance, public relations and printing services on a non-priority paid basis.
  • Inclusion in the University catalog.
  • Access to have information listed on ATSU's World Wide Web page.
  • Limited funding at discretion of the SGA.
  • Opportunity to present awards at the Spring Fling.
  • Documentation to satisfy requirements for national affiliation.
  • Opportunity to schedule events on the student activities calendar in the Office of Department of Student Affairs.

The University is not responsible for the activities of student organizations; however, organizations are expected to meet certain criteria to maintain a recognized status. (Individual student behavior is covered in the University Catalog under Statement of Student Academic Freedoms, Rights, and Responsibilities and under the statement of Code of Behavioral Standards.)


In order to acquire and maintain official recognized status, organizations must:

  1. Abide by all ATSU policies, federal, state and local laws and ordinances.
  2. Have at least one ATSU faculty as an advisor who is actively involved in meetings and events.
  3. Have on file in the Office of Department of Student Affairs the following:
    • Constitution and bylaws
    • Officer roster updated by August 1 of each year
    • Membership list updated by October 1 of each year
    • Dates elections are to be held by October 1 of each year
    • Times and place of regular meetings
    • Statement of non-discrimination
  4. Have a Risk Management Policy on file in the Office of Department of Student Affairs.
  5. Have officers and their advisors attend the annual legalities workshop sponsored by ATSU.
  6. Have officers attend the annual leadership workshop sponsored by ATSU. Advisors are encouraged to attend.
  7. Have the organization president submit an annual report by March 15 to the SGA president for review by the SGA Executive Council.
  8. Sponsor at least one or several projects for Mesa or a surrounding community each year with a total of 30% of the club participating overall.
  9. Sponsor at least one service project for ATSU with a minimum of 30% of club
    participating each year.
  10. No activities and/or events may be sponsored by an organization during finals or orientation weeks