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Department of Student AFFAIRS

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The Department of Student Affairs consists of eight offices: the Vice President for Student Affairs Office, Admissions, Registrar, Student Financial Services, Counseling Services, Thompson Campus Center, Learning Resources, and Housing. Student Affairs is under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Students are encouraged to contact the Vice President for Student Affairs for any services or concerns related to the Student Affairs area.

How may we be of service to you? Please feel free to contact any office listed below.

1.866.626.2878 ext. 2237

ATSU Online
Arizona: 1.866.626.2878 ext. 2237

Missouri: 1.866.626.2878 ext. 2820

Financial Services
1.866.626.2878 ext. 2529

Learning Resources
1.866.626.2878 ext. 2424

Counseling Services
1.866.626.2878 ext. 2424

Registrarís Office
1.866.626.2878 ext. 2356

Student Affairs-Arizona

Student Affairs-Missouri
1.866.626.2878 ext. 2236

1.866.626.2878 ext. 2094
1.866.626.2878 ext. 2236