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Example course schedule

This schedule represents ATSU-SOMA curricular plans which may be altered from time to time. The provisions of this schedule do not constitute an irrevocable contract between ATSU and its students. Back to Example Course Schedules.

Med 601 Reproductive

Week 6 Synchronous Material*

Scheme Presentation


Small Group Case


Multi-Interdisciplinary Conference


"Bio-Identical Hormones; Menopause"

Scheme Presentation

"Sexual Dysfunction"

Small Group Case

"EBM on Pros & Cons of Hormones"

FINAL EXAM on following MONDAY

Small Group

Answers to Female Sexual Dysfunction cases

Week 6 Asynchronous Material**

Web-Based Discussion

"Male Menopause"


"Physiologic & Endocrine Changes in Menopause"

Group Project:

"Female Sexual Dysfunction" cases will be presented on Discussion Boards to assess Diagnosis


"Gender Differences in the Brain/Sexual Response: Gender Differences"


Webcast w/Quiz

"Hormones in Female Sexual Dysfunction"

*Synchronous Material refers to any presentations, materials, or tasks that must be communicated or presented to students in a group setting with a facilitator present.
**Asynchronous Material refers to any presentations, materials, or tasks that can be completed at the discretion of the Community Campus Facilitators during the week, or by the student independently.

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