School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona
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Letter from Thomas McWilliams, etc., Interim Dean.

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona.

This is one of the most innovative medical programs in the nation.  Following their first year at the beautiful Mesa Arizona campus, our unique partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers embeds each student in one of 11 community campuses from New York to Hawaii.  There, our faculty continues to facilitate learning in an environment where students can immediately apply basic science and clinical information in the care of patients.  This contextual learning enhances retention and student interest throughout the second through the fourth year of training while improving the health of these communities.  It is our hope to recruit students who have the “heart” and commitment to serve such populations.

We are using the latest curricular model, the Clinical Presentation Curriculum.  It integrates basic science and clinical information in a format that has clinical relevance from the first day.  You will use technology extensively -- from human patient simulators, to podcasts, online libraries and databases, web-based course content, videoconferencing, and more. SOMA's curriculum has been designed for the way that you think and work.  At the end of four years, you will have seen a greater variety of disease states, followed patients longitudinally in their medical home, and have developed a keen ability to problem solve and expertly search for solutions in an ever-expanding universe of medical knowledge and discovery.  Our focus is on small groups and one-on-one attention. Our education style is one of facilitation - not the more traditional lecturing. At SOMA we are focused on delivering medical education in a manner that is learning-centered, which results in a very different kind of relationship between students and faculty.

Are you are excited about making a real difference and creating healthy communities?  I invite you to join us in creating the next generation of healers who blend high-tech with high-touch in the care of patients, families and entire populations.


Thomas McWilliams, etc., Interim Dean.