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5th Annual Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Symposium

Congratulations, winners of the 5th Annual IBRS ATSRI Awards for Outstanding Research Poster. Pictured from left to right: Brian Degenhardt, DO, Director of the A.T. Still Research Institute; AJ Baillargeon, DO, Internal Medicine Resident at NERMC and KCOM Alumnus; Jessica Lapinski, KCOM Medical Student; Joshua Moody, KCOM BioMed Student, Nicholas Musso, KCOM Medical Student; and Neil Sargentini, PhD, Department Head of Microbiology and Immunology.

On November 1, 2013, the A.T. Still Research Institute (SRI) and A.T. Still University (ATSU) hosted the 5th Annual Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Symposium (IBRS), which gives students, residents, faculty, and regional researchers the opportunity to present their current biomedical research and provides a foundation for promoting collaborative biomedical research with the SRI. Over one hundred faculty, students, and staff from regional colleges, universities, and institutions including ATSU, Truman State University (TSU), and University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) attended or participated in the event, consisting of oral presentations, a keynote presentation, and poster presentations.

Oral Presentations

The IBRS opened with Margaret Wilson, DO, Dean of Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM) and Neil Sargentini, PhD, IBRS Program Chair and Department Head of Microbiology and Immunology - KCOM, welcoming attendees and oral presenters.   The eight oral presenters’ discussions highlighted scholarship activity completed by faculty and students at multiple institutions:

  1. Paul AJ Baillargeon, KCOM Alumnus and NERMC resident, Influence of Bevacizumab on colorectal cancer mortality.
  2. Erin Cohen, TSU undergraduate student and ATSRI Clinician Researcher Development Program intern, Progression of osteoarthritis post-destabilization in a female rat model.
  3. Mathew Springer, KCOM BioMed student, Effect of the ClpPC protease system in the formation of persister cells in Staphylococcus aureus
  4. Wesley Hodges, TSU undergraduate student, Molecular simulations of viral leukemia protein-RNA interactions
  5. Nicholas Musso, KCOM-OMS student, A role for the dorsal dentate gyrus in color context pattern separation
  6. Maththew Strope, MU undergraduate student, The influences of physical activity on bone mineral density: A study on the active prevention of osteopenia and osteoporosis
  7. Peter Park, KCOM-OMS student and ATSRI Clinician Researcher Development Program intern, Peripheral skin blood flow changes following different controlled cervical osteopathic mobilizations: A pilot study
  8. Jessica Lapinski, KCOM -OMS Student and Academic Fellow, Examining the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Clinical Rotations and Healthcare Delivery for LGBT Patients

Keynote Address

Craig Phelps, DO, President of ATSU, and Brian Degenhardt, DO, Director of the A.T. Still Research Institute and Assistant Vice President of Osteopathic Research welcomed the community and keynote speaker panel. The keynote address, presented by Andrea Amalfitano, DO, PhD, Michigan State University; Lucinda Fultton, MS, The Genome Institute, Washington University; and Robert Fulton, MS, The Genome Institute, Washington University; discussed the impact genomics and genetic testing has on the decisions we make about our healthcare.

Research Poster Presentations

During the afternoon session, 35 posters were presented by faculty, students, staff, and researchers from regional institutions . Poster presentations displayed scholarship in musculoskeletal, renal disease, wellness, cardiovascular disease, cancer biology, healthcare delivery, infectious diseases, medical education, and neuroscience. Selected abstracts include

Renal Disease
Cardiovascular Disease
Cancer Biology
Healthcare Delivery
Infectious Disease
Medical Education