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Center for Oral Health Research (COHR)



The mission of the Center for Oral Health Research is to promote whole person health by translating outcomes gained from clinical, behavioral, and exploratory research into advances in dental education and practice.

SRI Scientists

  • Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD, Center Co-Director
  • Joan Davis, MS, PhD, Center Co-Director
  • Roger Cooper, DDS, PhD
  • Scott Howell, DMD, MPH
  • Inder Makin, MD, PhD
  • Ammar Musawi, BDS, MDS
  • Jae Hyun Park, DMD, PhD, MSD, MS
  • Seena Patel, DMD, MPH
  • Maureen Perry, DDS, MPA
  • Priscilla Phillips, PhD
  • Marc Shlossman, DDS,
  • MS Vineet Singh, PhD

General Areas of Research

  • Interventions that improve the oral health of specific population groups.
  • Best practices for treating patients with special needs.
  • Exploratory research used to improve diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions.
  • Delivery models to improve access to care to underserved populations.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of oral health interventions to improve systemic health.
  • Influence of health and oral health behaviors on overall health and wellness.
  • Impact of public health education on dental practitioner attitudes and behaviors towards treating the underserved.

Longterm Goals

  • Promote oral health as an essential component of whole person health.
  • Develop skills in ATSU faculty and students that will lead to research independence. I
  • ncrease breadth and scope of research and scholarly activities of ATSU faculty.
  • Develop, implement and disseminate innovative strategies to improve the oral health of the public, especially among the underserved.

Current Projects

  • Collaborative practice using teledentistry.
  • Enhancing Osteopathic Medical Education by Incorporating Medical Ultrasound Training for DO’s.
  • Recall of oral hygiene education among patients with special needs and their caregivers.
  • Special Care Dentistry online modules (; Health Resources and Administration Services grant, titled “Faculty Development in General, Pediatric, and Public Health Dentistry and Dental Hygiene – Addressing the Oral Health Needs of the Underserved.”
  • Training dental hygiene students to care for individuals with special needs.