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Center for Advancement of Osteopathic Research Methodologies

Quantifying Population Trends of Landmark Positional Asymmetry Tests of the Pelvis  

SRI Scientists

  • Brian Degenhardt, DO
  • Eric Snider, DO
  • Ken Pamperin, MS

Purpose and Aims

An initial goal of this study is to determine if there are consistent positional relationships between commonly evaluated pelvic landmarks for subjects during a single exam and to determine the stability of these relationships at multiple examinations over time.  The data warehouse, populated by images collected by the DCMS system, is being expanded with almost every study being performed within the institute.  Data mining from the Digital Camera Measurement System Warehouse and the Vicon Peak 3-D Camera System is in its early stages to help evaluate population trends.  The dataset being generated in the Investigating Objective Functional Characteristics to Differentiate Subgroups in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients studies will be particularly useful for this purpose.  The overall goals of this project are to determine:

  • if stages in life or life events change these relationships,
  • if ranges of asymmetry are related to subjects' symptoms,
  • if OMT is able to change these relationships, 
  • how permanent those changes are and if symptoms improve as a result of those changes. 


Presentations and Abstracts
  1. Degenhardt B*. Methodology to objectify landmark positional asymmetry testing of the pelvis. Presented at: 2012 American Osteopathic Association Research Conference; October 7-9, 2012; San Diego, CA