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Center for Advancement of Osteopathic Research Methodologies

Objectifying  Segmental Vertebral Motion Testing.       

SRI Scientists

  • Brian Degenhardt, DO
  • Eric Snider, DO
  • Ken Pamperin, MS

Purpose and Aims

Using the Vicon 3-D motion capturing system and Novel Pressure sensing System, an interdisciplinary, inter- institutional team has been working on developing a methodology to quantify segmental motion testing. A combination of pressure and displacement measurements are collected, synchronized by time, and analyzed and compared to examiners’ findings.  There is significant variability between examiners in the manner in which this test in performed.  This is further complicated by the evidence that localization of landmarks from upon which to perform testing is also quite variable.  Standardized protocols for localizing landmarks and performing motion testing have been developed and are being pilot tested.  It is anticipated that this system will be used in blinded studies to determine if OMT causes changes in vertebral motion characteristics.  This system will also be used in selected educational programs for CME. Processing of data is quite complicated and we are trying to develop a program that will be able to do so in a time efficient and meaningful matter.



  1. Snider KT, Snider EJ, Degenhardt BF, Johnson JC, Kribs JW. Palpatory accuracy 
    of lumbar spinous processes using multiple bony landmarks. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2011 Jun;34(5):306-13. Epub 2011 May 14.