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Research Centers

Center for Mechanistic Studies (CMS)



The CMS mission is to advance the knowledge of the underlying mechanisms of human disease, therapeutic interventions, and wellness.

SRI Scientists

  • Jeremy Houser, PhD, Center Director
  • Deborah Heath, DO
  • Kevin Marberry, MD
  • Neil Sargentini, PhD
  • Vineet Singh, PhD
  • Rafael Zegarra-Parrodi, DO (Europe)

SRI Research Associates

  • Ken Pamperin, MS
  • Steve Webb, BA, BS
  • Qunying Yang, MS

General Areas of Research:

  • Manual therapy for ankle pain in the rat with assessment of associated gene expression at the spinal cord.
  • Effect of manual therapy on electromyographic activity in paraspinal muscles.
  • Investigating objective functional characteristics to differentiate subgroups in chronic low back pain patients
  • Biomechanical strain influence on human chondrocytes
  • Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) on postoperative pain and function following arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Peripheral skin blood flow changes following different controlled cervical osteopathic mobilizations
  • Effects of passive or active joint mobilization on osteoarthritis prevention
  • Cyclic pressure on in vitro models of posttraumatic osteoarthritis

Current Projects: