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Loan Deferment

National Student Clearinghouse Information

The National Student Clearinghouse provides enrollment verification services for ATSU. All students enrolled at least half time are electronically reported to the Clearinghouse every thirty days. The role of the Clearinghouse is to provide continuous enrollment verification to the vast majority of lending institutions.

If you are enrolled and receive a collection letter after you have started your courses, contact your lender or loan servicer to verify that your deferment has been processed. If it has not, contact the Clearinghouse at 703.742.4200 and ask to speak to a Student Service Representative. The representative will assist you with verification information, and if you are being threatened with default, intervene on your behalf with your lender.

Not all lending institutions use the Clearinghouse to verify student enrollment. The Registrar’s Office will continue to process deferment requests for lending agencies that do not participate in the Clearinghouse. You may contact the National Clearinghouse to find out if your lender participates in the Clearinghouse (or if you have any additional questions) by visiting the "Contact Us" portion of their website at:

For loan deferment questions, contact:

National Student Clearinghouse

Registrar's Office