Name: Molly M. Francis


Tribe: The Confederated Tribes of Colville


Hometown: Spokane, Washington


Currently, I am a third year dental student at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health in Mesa, Arizona.I got my BA in English-Irish Studies from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska which didnít help much with preparing for a career in dentistry but allowed me to visit Ireland where most of my Momís family lives and fall in love with my favorite place on earth Galway.I am happy to be in Mesa and away from the rain but find myself not being able to handle the cold like I use to when I go home.I am originally from Spokane, Washington and I love to ski, read, travel, and cook.My family is very small as I have two brothers and am stuck in the middle.My Dad has been a homicide detective for 20+yrs and my Mom is a Med Tech at Deaconess Hospital.With only one year left in school I hope to get lots of experience and travel as much as I can, as I am going to Atlantis South Africa this summer on a medical-dental mission.Next year I will be back in and around Washington State for a few rotations and in Colorado and Maine.