Name: DezBaa Damon


Age: 27


Tribe: Navajo


Hometown: Aztec, NM



I liked dentistry as a kid. I was interested when I saw all the little instruments and gadgets they used to fix teeth.


I took all the math and science classes I could in high school and played sports. College I majored in Biology and minored in Anthropology. I also participated in several Diversity Awareness Programs.  There was a Intergroup Relations Center and I became very known among the staff at the center and we became friends.  Establishing a relationship with the staff I was able to participate in numerous volunteer activities, plan them, and even lead discussions and camps.  I learned so much about people, planning community projects, and leading them that now I have skills that I probably would not have if I did not do these things. 


Undergrad Scholarships: Indian Health Service Scholarship, Chief Manuelito Scholarship, and Arizona Public Service Scholarship. 


Scholarships for dental school: Indian Health Service Scholarship, Navajo Graduate Scholarship, and American Indian Graduate Center Scholarship. 


Advice: Just concentrate on school.  Once you leave high school and go to college it is a great life experience, but do not let all the social freedom get to you.  Work hard and there will always be time for the fun. Also, it would be great to get involved in research.  I was afraid to get involved because I thought I did not have enough experience.  I found out that those that have done some research projects that they were in the same place as me at one point, but they just got involved.  So, don't hold back, just go for it, the experience will help you more than you can imagine.