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General Dental Questions That MAY BE Asked


1)      Why do you want to be a dentist?


2)      How did you first become interested in dentistry?


3)      What do you think of the closing down of some private dental schools?  


4)      Do you have good manual dexterity? How do you know that you do?


5)      How important are grades to you?


6)      What are your favorite hobbies?


7)      If you could cure any disease what would it be and why?


8)      What are your three greatest achievements?


9)      If I gave you $10,000 and you can save any money what would you spend it on?


10)  Where do you see yourself 10 years form now?


11)  Tell me about yourself?


12)  You stated in personal statement …

a)      what did you learn from that?

b)      what did you mean by that?


13)  A professor in your recommendation said you are a hard worker, what did you do that showed diligence?


14)  Why choose dentistry instead of medicine?


15)  Why do you want to study dentistry?


16)  Are you aware of the academic difficulty of dental school?

a)      Can you handle that kind of pressure?


17)  If you could have dinner with three people in history who would you pick and why?


18)  How do you think malpractice could be reduced?


19)  How would you deal with a non-English speaking patient?


20)  You receive a malpractice claim in the mail. How do you react?


21)  What is your favorite book and why?


22)  Do you feel you are prepared to enter dental school?


23)  What are your weaknesses?


24)  How do you rate good performance in dentistry?
Possible Response:  As long as the patient has a clear understanding of the risks and benefits involved with  procedures, the patient is in the best position to make a decision. It requires me taking the time to provide all possible options to the patient. From there, good performance and job satisfaction come from exceeding my own expectations in terms of skill and diagnosis, not just what others expect of me. 


25)  Can you describe yourself in three adjectives?
Possible Response: Ethical, Empathetic, Charismatic, Diligent, Determined, etc..


26)  What do you consider a good income?
Possible response: I live a modest lifestyle, so a good income is defined as enough money to provide a suitable standard of living for my family and I. I definitely prioritize a meaningful career as a dentist and job security over financial compensation. 


General Dental Questions you should be familiar with:


1)      What is the maxilla?

2)      What is the mandible?

3)      How many teeth are in the adult dentition?

4)      How many teeth are in a child’s dentition?

5)      Who is the father of Dentistry?

6)      Why is fluoride important?

7)      What is caries?


(If you cannot find the answers contact a SAID student member)


Current events questions:


      Read newspapers and watch the news to develop a general understanding of what is going on in the world, at least a week before your interview.