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Shaping future healers and sharing life lessons: ATSU-SOMA’s Dr. Mascaro

At A.T. Still University-School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (ATSU-SOMA), assistant professor Joel Mascaro, DO, believes strongly in the importance of being a mentor. 

“I owe it to the students to be not only there, but to be receptive, listening and trying to give them guidance,” Dr. Mascaro said. “When you have 54 years of experience in the field, that translates into a library.”

Since 2007, Dr. Mascaro has been sharing his life lessons and expertise as an assistant professor at ATSU-SOMA, and doing his part to help ensure students’ success. But even with over 50 years of experience and a decade of teaching experience, Dr. Mascaro feels he is ever-improving. 

“Some people are born teachers. I don’t think I’m a born teacher, but I created myself into a teacher, and I think I’m very effective,” Dr. Mascaro added. “That’s what drives me, this light inside. I try to be better every day. I want to be 1% better than I was the last day.”

This is just one of the life lessons Dr. Mascaro makes sure he teaches to all of his students – the importance of self-improvement. 

One way ATSU students have access to self-improvement resources is through ATSU Learning Resources & Accommodation Services. With programs such as the Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) program, which is available to all residential program students, students who want to improve their learning and academic performance have access to relevant support and guidance.


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