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Fact Sheet

Guest Services

Spouses, significant others, and parents are invited and encouraged to take part in all interview day activities, with the exception of the interview sessions. During this time, an informational session is conducted for guests. This session provides an introduction to Kirksville and MOSDOH, focusing on topics such as relocation, housing, employment, and child care.

Please provide information about your spouse/significant partner/parent on the interview selection form so we may prepare information for the visit. In the event that guests are unable to accompany you, the information on the following links may be helpful.

Employment resources

There are many employment opportunities in Kirksville. Please contact Admissions with any questions or concerns about specific career goals. We have many contacts throughout the community that may be of assistance to you. You may choose to begin by looking at local employers at the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce, or refine your search to teacher placement information.

Education & enrichment

As a spouse/significant partner/parent of a future ATSU student, you, too, may be interested in becoming a student! There are opportunities at area universities, colleges, and schools, or hit the libraries and seminars for other types of education and enrichment.

Community activities

There is never a dull moment in Kirksville, as you will soon see! From fairs, festivals, and fun to activities at the Thompson Campus Center, opportunities abound. There are spouse/significant partner organizations, such as Student Advocate Association, church activities, and many other choices for recreation and entertainment while in Kirksville.

Housing & living resources

Looking for a house or apartment? Want to find a place to dine while you are in Kirksville? Browse the many restaurants, services, and shopping in Kirksville. There are many reasons Kirksville is a great place to live, and we want to show you!