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Preparing for M.S. Program Admission

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Program Requirements

The following are the degree requirements for the Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Program.

  • The candidate must earn at least 32 credit hours by taking all required courses with at least 5 hrs of Elective Courses (as approved by the student's Advisory Committee).  Required and Elective courses including DO-level courses are listed below.
  • The candidate must: 1) achieve a grade of B (80%) or better in each of Biochemistry I, Physiology 1 and Immunology 1; 2) maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least B (80%); and 3) pass every course, (i.e., C or 70% or better) in graded courses (refer to course descriptions).  Failure to meet these academic standards will result in academic warning, academic probation, or dismissal depending on review by the Graduate Program Committee.  If granted, probation status is reviewed at the end of each academic term.  Failure to demonstrate acceptable academic progress may result in dismissal. Grades of "Incomplete" may be assigned under certain circumstances until course work has been completed.  All incomplete grades must be resolved within two years.
  • The candidate must write a thesis of publishable quality (as determined by the student's Advisory Committee and one member of the Graduate Program Committee) and defend it orally in open and closed sessions.  It is encouraged that the manuscript portion of the thesis be submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Each student in the program must have a Research Advisor.  Students admitted into the program must match with a Research Advisor by September 15 of their first year. An Advisory Committee consisting of 3-5 members of the Faculty must be established by October 1 of the student's first year and must approved by the Graduate Program Committee.  The Research Advisor will normally be the Chair of the Advisory Committee.  At least one member of the Advisory Committee must be from outside of the Research Advisor's Department.  Advisory Committees are set up for individual students and function until the student completes the program.  The Research Advisor and the Advisory Committee shall guide the student in the selection of his/her course work and in the conduct of his/her thesis research, writing and presentation. Any proposed changes to the Advisory Committee must be submitted in writing to the Graduate Program Committee (using the Change Request – Advisory Committee or Study Program form).
  • The student's Study Program must be approved by the Advisory Committee and the Study Program Form must be submitted to the Graduate Program Committee for approval by October 1.  The Advisory Committee and the Graduate Program Committee must approve any subsequent changes to the study program (using the Change Request – Advisory Committee or Study Program form).  This study program should be designed to be completed within a total of two years and must be completed in a maximum time of three calendar years (exceptions require approval by the Graduate Program Committee).
  • It is expected that students will maintain continuous enrollment while in the Masters’ program. Students must have fulfilled all Masters' program requirements before April 10 to be eligible to participate in the KCOM commencement, the third weekend in May.
  • Required Courses: (see Graduate Program Course Descriptions)
    • BMSCI 510 Human Biochemistry I (2.5 hrs)
    • BMSCI 524 Physiology I (1 hr)
    • BMSCI 520 Immunology (1 hr)
    • BMSCI 540 Techniques in Biomedical Science (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 541 Introduction to Research Design (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 542 Research, Design and Biostatistics (3 hrs)
    • BMSCI 544 Grant Writing (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 545 Oral Presentation (1 hr)
    • BMSCI 546 Ethics in Biomedical Research (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 548 Critical Reading for Biomedical Science (1 hr)
    • BMSCI 550 Topics in Biomedical Science (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 561 Thesis Seminar (0 hr)
    • BMSCI 700 Thesis Research (9 hrs minimum, 15 hrs maximum, 1-7 hrs allowed per semester
  • Elective Courses: (see Graduate Program Course Descriptions)
    • BMSCI 512 Human Biochemistry II (1 hrs)
    • BMSCI 513 Human Biochemistry III (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 516 Histology I (1.5 hrs)
    • BMSCI 518 Histology II (1.5 hrs)
    • BMSCI 519 Histology III (1 hrs)
    • BMSCI 522 Medical Microbiology (2.5 hrs)
    • BMSCI 526 Physiology II (3.5 hrs)
    • BMSCI 531 Physiology III (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 532 Graduate Pharmacology I (2 hrs)
    • BMSCI 600 Advanced Standing Credit (10 hrs)
    • BMSCI 610 Hollister Research Training (7 hrs)
    • BMSCI 624 Clinical Research (1-3 hrs)