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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tips for Student Evaluation

  1. Review evaluation form and rotation objectives before or at the beginning of the rotation.
  2. At the beginning of the rotation, discuss with the student the rotation objectives and evaluation process.
  3. Make time to observe the student working with patients and staff—particularly early in the rotation.
  4. Have everyone (patients, staff, and the student) make notes on happenings during the rotation.  (Put in file or envelope in central location to be used at the time of the mid-rotation or final evaluation.)
  5. Chat with the student mid-rotation about his/her perception of progress and remaining goals.  Share your perceptions, areas for work.  Be sure to include detail about what the student is doing well and how they could improve. Revise training plan accordingly.
  6. Particularly if there are areas needing improvement that you feel strongly about, have the student complete a self-assessment and you complete an assessment and discuss the differences/areas for improvement.  This conversation might start with, “If I had to evaluate you now, it would look like this.  In order to have a more positive final evaluation, I’d like to see these changes before the end of the rotation.”
  7. If you have concerns, call the DSME (if the rotation is hospital-based) or your Regional Assistant Dean, for further information.