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Atlantic Health System/Overlook Hospital
Summit, New Jersey

Hospital Highlights:
Nationally recognized for their Emergency Department, Overlook is one of five New Jersey hospitals approved to provide emergency angioplasty in a community hospital setting. With the state's first combined PET/CT scanner and stereotactic radiosurgery cancer treatment program, they continually demonstrate their ability to stay at the forefront of technology. In addition, a new Neuroscience Institute offers brain tumor and epilepsy programs as well as neurointerventional radiology. They are also a two-time winner of the Silver Governor's Award for Performance Excellence.

Overlook Hospital is a clinical affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School. They are also a partner with The Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Overlook Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO).

For the second year in a row, Overlook Hospital has won a silver Governor's Award for Performance Excellence. This award is the highest state honor an organization can receive for quality and performance. Overlook excels in many areas and offers a wide variety of specialty services. It is the home of NJ's first stereotactic radiosurgery program for the treatment of cancer, Atlantic Health System's Neuroscience Institute, The Brain Tumor Center of NJ, The Valerie Center-a pediatric oncology cancer program, The Children's Medical Center of Atlantic Health System, and The Walsh Maternity Center-provides maternity and critical care services to high-risk newborns.

Other range of services include a Chest Pain Center, Same Day Surgery Center, Hernia Center, Wound Care Center and Medicare-certified home care and hospice program.

Location: 99 Beauvoir Avenue, Summit, NJ 07902, (908) 522-2000
Medical Staff: 832 Medical/Dental
Size of Hospital: 490 Beds
Surgeries: 7,128
Deliveries: 3,092
ER Visits: 36,812

Intern/Resident Salaries:
Salaries are effective July 2005:

First Year



Second Year



Third Year



Fourth Year



Fifth Year




  • Paid time off —4 weeks paid vacation
  • Six paid hospital holidays
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Medical/Hospitalization insurance —residents covered at no cost, dependent coverage available for a small payroll deduction
  • Prescription plan
  • Dental insurance
  • Life insurance/accidental death and dismemberment
  • Optional life insurance/accidental death and dismemberment
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Mental health and substance abuse plan —coverage for residents and their families
  • Free on-site parking
  • Day Care Center
  • Hospital-owned subsidized apartments
  • Free meals on call —up to $18
  • House staff quarters —rooms assigned for 24-hour call
  • House staff lab coats and scrubs
  • Library computer search
  • Conference and educational expenses
  • Protected conference time
  • ACLS/BLS/PALS certification
  • Individual subscriptions to Up-To-Date

Residencies offered at Overlook:
Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Medical Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Radiology & Transitional

Joint Residency Programs with Other Institutions:
Ob/Gyn, Surgery & Urology

Curriculum and Rotations:
Learn through a wide variety of teaching methods, including daily attending rounds, senior resident rounds and noon lectures. Pediatric grand rounds and resident case conferences/Journal Clubs are held weekly while conferences in related disciplines, such as pediatric radiology and surgery, are held regularly. You also work with our faculty to develop or collaborate on a research project or case report.

Work as a team with a variety of medical professionals, including those in nursing, social work, pastoral care, nutrition, laboratory, radiology, respiratory, physical therapy, case management, occupational and play therapy, teaching and library services.

Pediatric Wards:
The pediatric ward senior resident is the team leader, coordinating the medical care of inpatients under the guidance of an attending and working closely with the nursing staff, child-life specialists, social workers and therapists. Daily attending rounds with both a full-time faculty member and private physician provide a forum for sharing clinical expertise from different perspectives. Learn not only to evaluate and treat sick children and adolescents, but also to consider the broader issues of growth and development, behavioral and emotional problems, and the ethical implications of treatment.

Pediatric Special Care Unit:
Develop expertise in the performance of technical procedures and in the evaluation and management of critically ill children. You are responsible for all patients under the supervision of three full-time pediatric intensivists.

Neonatal Intensive Care and Well-Baby Rotations:
More then 6,300 newborns are delivered annually at Morristown Memorial and Overlook Hospitals. Neonatal intensive care unit and well-baby nursery rotations take place at both hospitals. As the tertiary hub of the Northwest New Jersey Perinatal Network, Overlook Hospital receives a large number of transports involving high-risk pregnancies and sick infants.

You have direct responsibilities for delivery room resuscitation, neonatal transport and care of all babies in the intensive care and well-baby nurseries. Seven full-time neonatologists staff this specialty. Daily teaching rounds are supplemented by perinatal conferences. The well-baby nursery rotation combines an experience in essential labor and delivery resuscitation skills and basic healthy newborn care.

Outpatient Experiences:
Outpatient experiences are diversified, with rotation in different pediatric settings. One primary care rotations is unique —Ambulatory Care Experience Sites (ACES). ACES are busy private practice offices, as well as ambulatory block month rotations. This also provides you with a unique exposure to a private pediatric practice outside an academic setting. The goal of our continuity program is to provide you with a three-year longitudinal experience in ambulatory care that is as close to the real world of private practice as possible.

The Family Health Center in Morristown, created by a merger of Morristown Memorial's pediatric primary care clinic and the Town of Morristown's Health Department, provides an additional setting for you to enhance your ambulatory care skills. Additionally, Morristown Memorial's separate 10-bed Pediatric Emergency Department, under the guidance of a nationally recognized director, affords you a unique learning opportunity in emergency medicine. Other ambulatory rotations such as school health, adolescent medicine and subspecialty programs round out your residency experience.

Subspecialty Rotations:
Spend a one-month block rotation in adolescent medicine and behavioral-developmental pediatrics. Other rotations, including a community experience, school health program and private practice exposure, provide you with diversified pediatric training primarily in an outpatient setting. Other subspecialty rotations include pediatric cardiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, endocrinology and neurology. You can also choose electives in various other subspecialties like nephrology, pediatric hematology/oncology, infectious diseases and others.

Attending Rounds/Morning Report:
Attending rounds are held four times per week. The entire ward team attends, including all level residents, medical students, the joint attendings, a general pediatrician and a pediatric subspecialist. Selected cases and topics are presented. Rounds are individualized depending on the specific attendings and residents. We stress diagnostic approach, differential-diagnosis and management.

Lectures are held daily at noon at both hospitals. Over the course of a year, a core curriculum is presented for general pediatrics and for each pediatric subspecialty. A weekly pediatric case conference, followed by a didactic presentation by a resident, is also presented at both hospitals. Journal Clubs convene monthly.

Pediatric Grand Rounds:
Weekly pediatric grand rounds at both hospitals feature visiting professors and members of our faculty.

For More Information, Contact:
Jeff Levine, PhD
Director, Medical Education, Atlantic Health System
99 Beauvior Ave.
Summit, NJ 07902
Phone: 908-522-2104
Fax: 908-522-0804

Updated February 2008