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Publications of Pundurangan Ramaraj, PhD

13. Ramaraj P. In-vitro inhibition of human melanoma (BLM) cell growth by progesterone receptor antagonist RU-486 (Mifepristone). J Cancer Therapy, 2016;7:1045-1058. Link 
12. Leder DC [student], Brown JR, Ramaraj P. In-vitro rescue and recovery studies of human melanoma (BLM) cell growth, adhesion and migration functions after treatment with progesterone. Int J Clin Exp Med 2015;8(8):12275-12285. PDF.
11. Cox  JL, Chang Y, Ramaraj P. In-Vitro determination of biological and anabolic functions of weak androgen dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) using a variety of cell lines. Open J Endocr Metab Dis, 20155(8) 105-116. (Link to paper)

Ramaraj P, Artaza JN, Sinha-Hikim I, Taylor WE. Effect of androstenedione on adipogenesis in murine C3H10T1/2 mesenchymal cells. Open J Endocrin Metab Dis, 2015, 5, 9-18. Paper

9. Ramaraj P, Cox JL. In vitro effect of progesterone on human melanoma (BLM) cell growth. Int J Clin Exp Med. 2014 Nov 15;7(11):3941-53. eCollection 2014. PubMed. Paper
8. Ramaraj P, Cox J. In-vitro effect of sex steroids on mouse melanoma (B16F10) cell growth. CellBio, 2014. 3(2):60-71. doi: 10.4236/cellbio.2014.32007 Paper
Jasuja R, Ramaraj P, Mac RP, Singh AB, Storer TW, Artaza J, Miller A, Singh R, Taylor WE, Lee ML, Davidson T, Sinha-Hikim I, Gonzalez-Cadavid N, Bhasin S. Delta-4-androstene-3,17-dione binds androgen receptor, promotes myogenesis in vitro, and increases serum testosterone levels, fat-free mass, and muscle strength in hypogonadal men. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2005 Feb;90(2):855-63. Epub
2004 Nov 2. PubMed

Ramaraj P, Singh H, Niu N, Chu S, Holtz M, Yee JK, Bhatia R. Effect of mutational inactivation of tyrosine kinase activity on BCR/ABL-induced abnormalities in cell growth and adhesion in human hematopoietic progenitors. Cancer Res. 2004 Aug 1;64(15):5322-31. PubMed

Ramaraj P, Rao AJ. Studies on LH modulated 8kDa peptide involved regulation of testosterone production in rat Leydig cells. Asian J Androl. 1999 Dec;1(4):191-4. PubMed
Ramaraj P, Rao AJ. Regulation of an 8-kDa peptide involved in testosterone production by luteinizing hormone in rat Leydig cells. Biochem Mol Biol Int. 1999 May;47(5):857-63. PubMed
Ramaraj P, Kessler SP, Colmenares C, Sen GC. Selective restoration of male fertility in mice lacking angiotensin-converting enzymes by sperm-specific expression of the testicular isozyme. J Clin Invest. 1998 Jul 15;102(2):371-8. PubMed
Ghosh A, Desai SY, Sarkar SN, Ramaraj P, Ghosh SK, Bandyopadhyay S, Sen GC. Effects of mutating specific residues present near the amino terminus of 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase. J Biol Chem. 1997 Jun 13;272(24):15452-8. PubMed
Ramaraj P, Subbarayan VS, Rao JA. A possible role for a low molecular weight peptide in regulation of testosterone production by rat Leydig cells. Indian J Biochem Biophys. 1991 Oct-Dec;28(5-6):536-40. PubMed
A. Thesis: Studies on the role of LH and LH modulated peptide factor in the regulation of testosterone production by rat Leydig cell
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Ramaraj P. 2017. In-Vitro Inhibition of Melanoma Cell Growth and Viability by Progesterone – An Off-Target Protective Function, Chapter 3. In: Progesterone: Functions, Uses and Research Insights, (C. Rivera, ed), Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY. Link

Ramaraj P. 2017. In-Vitro Anti-Cancer Actions of Progesterone on Human Melanoma Cells based on Recused and Recovered Cell Growth, Adhesion and Migration Functions, Chapter 2. In: Advances in medicine and biology, 113, (L.V. Berhardt, ed), Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY. Link
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