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Publications - 2000

(KCOM faculty and staff are listed in bold font)

Bedford JM, Mock OB, Nagdas SK, Winfrey VP, Olson GE. 2000. Reproductive characteristics of the African pygmy hedgehog, Atelerix albiventris. J Reprod Fertil 120:143-150


Chamberlain NR, Yates HA2000. Use of a computer-assisted clinical case (CACC) SOAP note exercise to assess students' application of osteopathic principles and practice.  J Am Osteopath Assoc 100:437-40


Cohn LA, McCaw DL, Tate DJ, Johnson JC. 2000. Assessment of five portable blood glucose meters, a point-of-care analyzer, and color test strips for measuring blood glucose concentration in dogs. J Am Vet Med Assoc Jan 15;216(2):198-202 PubMed


Cutter NC, Scott DD, Johnson JC, Whiteneck G. Gabapentin. 2000. Effect on spasticity in multiple sclerosis: a placebo-controlled, randomized trial. Arch Phys Med Rehabil Feb; 81(2):164-9 PubMed


Darmani NA, Ahmad B. 2000.  Early postnatal cocaine exposure causes sequential, dose-dependent, enduring but reversible supersensitivity in 5-HT2A receptor-mediated function during development in male mice.  Neurotoxicol Teratol 22:61-9


Darmani NA, Pandya DK. 2000.  Involvement of other neurotransmitters in behaviors induced by the cannabinoid CB1 receptor antagonist SR 141716A in naive mice.  J Neural Transm 107:931-45


Dukat M, Young R, Darmani NA, Ahmed B, Glennon RA. 2000. The 5-HT3 agent N-(3-chlorophenyl)guanidine (MD-354) serves as a discriminative stimulus in rats and displays partial agonist character in a shrew emesis assay. Psychopharmacology (Berl) 150:200-7


Farmer J, Gibler M, Kavanaugh R, Johnson J. 2000. Preventing traumatic brain injury: an innovative approach to outcomes assessment. Brain Inj Feb;14(2):109-15 PubMed


Fliesler SJ, Richards MJ, Miller C, Peachey NS, Cenedella RJ2000. Retinal structure and function in an animal model that replicates the biochemical hallmarks of desmosterolosis.  Neurochem Res 25:685-94


Fliesler SJ, Richards MJ, Miller CY, Cenedella RJ2000. Cholesterol synthesis in the vertebrate retina: effects of U18666A on rat retinal structure, photoreceptor membrane assembly, and sterol metabolism and composition. Lipids 35:289-96


Hagglund KJ, Vieth AZ, Sadler CS, Johnson JC, Hewett JE. 2000. Caregiver personality characteristics and adaptation to juvenile rheumatic disease. Rehab Psych 45(3):242-259


Johnstone B, Vieth AZ, Johnson JC, Shaw JA. 2000. Recall as a function of single versus multiple trials: implications for rehabilitation. Rehab Psych 45:3-19


Logan RA, Nuttall RJ, Hazelwood SE, Parker JC, Johnson JC, Hewett JE, Reid JC. 2000. Audience motivations to use an arthritis website. Arthritis Care and Research 13(5):320-329


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Noll DR, Shores JH, Gamber RG, Herron KM, Swift J. 2000. Benefits of osteopathic manipulative treatment for hospitalized elderly patients with pneumonia. J Am Osteopath Assoc 100:776-82


Noll DR2000.  In defense of publishing research findings in JAOA.  J Am Osteopath Assoc 100:83-4


Patrick GW, Anderson WJ. 2000. Dendritic alterations of cerebellar purkinje neurons in postnatally lead-exposed kittens. Dev Neurosci 22:320-8


Poole DC, Sexton WL, Behnke BJ, Ferguson CS, Hageman KS, Musch TI. 2000.  Respiratory muscle blood flows during physiological and chemical hyperpnea in the rat. J Appl Physiol 88:186-94


Rhee SH, Parker JC, Smarr KL, Petroski GF, Johnson JC, Hewett JE, Wright GE, Multon KD, Walker SE. 2000. Stress management in rheumatoid arthritis: what is the underlying mechanism? Arthritis Care and Research 13:435-442


Rhodes DC2000. Binding of tamm-horsfall protein to complement 1q measured by ELISA and resonant mirror biosensor techniques under various ionic-strength conditions. Immunol Cell Biol 78:474-82


Teyssandier MJ, Kuchera ML. 2000. Quelques aspects de l'osteopathie etats unienne a l'aube du XXIeme siecle.  La Revue de Medecine Orthopedique 61:3-6


Tomlinson JL, Johnson JC. 2000. Quantification of measurement of femoral head coverage and Norberg angle within and among four breeds of dogs. Am J Vet Res Dec; 61(12):1492-500 PubMed


Willingham, AK2000. Effect of danazol and ovariectomy on matrix metalloproteinases in rat uteri.  Gynecol Obstet Invest 49:73-6


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Funk SL, D.O. (Executive Editor and Editor-in Chief), Kuchera WA, D.O. (Production and Technical Editor). 2000. Outline of Osteopathic Manipulative Procedures: The Kimberly Manual (Millennium Edition). Wadsworth Publishing Co.

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Chamberlain NR. 2000. Mycobacterium phlei digital images. Visual Resources:


Chamberlain NR. 2000. Bacitracin Sensitivity Using Group A and B Beta-Hemolytic Streptococci. Visual Resources:


Chamberlain NR. 2000. Gram Stain of Bacillus subtilis. Visual Resources:


Degenhardt BF. 2000. Osteopathic manipulative medicine: optimizing patient-focused health care. The Advisor 21:1


Haxton LA. 2000. Survey on perception of osteopathic medicine. The Advisor 21:3


Jones PS, Tomski MA. 2000. Exercise and osteopathic manipulative medicine: the Janda approach. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: State of the Art Reviews 14:1


Kuchera ML. 2000. Emphasis on health rather than disease. The Advisor 21:8-12


Stuart MK, Cox BJ. 2000. Interpretation of ELISA and western blot assays for HIV infection status. American Society for Microbiology Microbe Library: Curriculum Resources, American Society for Microbiology, Washington, DC,


Towns LC. 2000. The cranial nerve exam. Student Doctor 21:2