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Publications of Mark A. Shima, MD


Shima, MA. Kissing Balloon Angioplasty Via an Extra Large Lumen 8 French Guiding Catheter. Clin Update. Cordis, Volume 3, Number 10. 1992.


Shima MA. Evaluation of chest pain. Back to the basics of history taking and physical examination. Postgrad Med. 1992 Jun;91(8):155-8, 161-4. PubMed

Schneiderman H, Bloom K, Shima M, Ezri M, Goldin M. Staphylococcal abscess complicating endocardial aneurysmectomy. Clin Cardiol. 1984 Nov;7(11):624-6. PubMed PMID: 6499294

Turner DA, Shima MA, Ruggie N, Von Behren PL, Jarosky MJ, Ali A, Groch MW, Messer JV, Fordham EW. Coronary artery disease: detection by phase analysis of rest/exercise radionuclide angiocardiograms. Radiology. 1983 Aug;148(2):539-45. PubMed

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Ezri MD, Shima MA, Denes P. Amiodarone: A Review of its Clinical and Electrophysiologic Effects. Clin Prog Pacing Electrophysiol, 1983 Mar;1(1)20-30. Abstract

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Shima MA. An Approach to Optimizing Intervention in the Cardiology Environment of the Nineties and Beyond”. Educational Video. Distributed nationally by SciMed Life Systems, Inc. May, 1992