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Presentations & Abstracts - 1999

(KCOM faculty and staff are listed in bold font)

Carlson CG. Pathogenic Mechanisms of Muscular Dystrophy; Eleventh Medical Symposium Research Day (Insight into Heart, Brain and Muscle Disorders); Portsmouth, Dominica, WI; July 10, 1999.


Carlson CG. 1999. Effect of Alpha - Bungarotoxin (alpha-BuTX) Pretreatment on Calcium Leakage Activity (CLA) and AchR Activity in Cultured mdx Myotubes. Neuroscience Abstracts 25:1840.


Carlson CG, Lancaster T, Cox JL. 1999. Metal Antagonists of Resting Calcium Influx Pathways Inhibit the Motility of B16F10 Melanoma Cells. Molecular Biology of the Cell 10:1516.


Cenedella RJ, Mitchell J. 1999. Human Lens Cholesterol Concentrations in Subjects who used Lovastatin or Simvastatin. Invest Ophthal & Vis Sci 40:S523.


Cox JL. Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitors and Tumor Metastasis; University of Kansas City School of Medicine; Nov. 2, 1999.


Darmani NA. 1999. Behaviors Produced by the CB1 Antagonist, SR 141716A, Involve Indirect Activation of Other Neurotransmitter Systems. Soc Neurosci. Abs 1462.


Degenhardt BF, Peterson DF. 1999. Changes in Stress for First Year Osteopathic Medical Students at KCOM. JAOA 99:426.


Fliesler SJ, Richards MJ, Miller C-Y, Peachey NS, Cenedella RJ. 1999. Cholesterol Synthesis in the Retina. Am Oil Chem Soc Ann Meeting.


Geisbuhler TP, Ervin HD. 1999. Reoxygenation Relieves the Anoxia-Induced Inhibition of Inositol Phosphate Production in Cardiac Myocytes. J Mol Cell Cardiol 31:A11.


Geisbuhler, Timothy P., Ph.D.: Heart Failure; Presented at Northeast Regional Medical Center, Department of Medical Education; Kirksville, MO; September 21, 1999


Jacobs RF, Cenedella RJ, Mason RP. 1999. Characterization of Cholesterol Domains in Human Ocular Lens Fiber Cell Plasma Membrane. Biophysica Soc.


Martin D, Degenhardt BF, Peterson DF. 1999. The Impact of Medical School on the Wellness of its Students: Helping the Medical Student. National Wellness Conference.


McGovern RJ, Heyman EN, Resnick MI. 1999. An Examination of the Effects of Structured Social Support on Coping and Functioning of Prostate Cancer Patients; Annual Psychiatry Research Day; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio; May 1999.


Noll DR, Gamber RG, Swift J, Johnson JC. 1999. Somatic Dysfunction Findings from the OMT in the Elderly Hospitalized with Pneumonia Study. JAOA 99:422.


Peterson DF, Degenhardt BF. 1999. Lifestyle Changes during the First Year of Medical School at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. JAOA 99:427.


Rhodes JA. Hypothyroidism and the TSH Gene in Dogs; Truman State University; Feb. 26, 1999.


Smart JI, Chamberlain NR. 1999. Activator Protein and Cross-Strain Communication in Staphylococcus epidermidis. American Society for Microbiology-St. Louis .


Stuart MK. 1999. Production of Monoclonal Antibodies to Noctuid Elongation Factor-1. Entomological Society of America.


Theobald RJ Jr. Detrusor Regulation by Purine and Nitrergic Agents; Merck Research Labs (West Point, PA); Oct. 28, 1999.


Theobald RJ Jr. 1999. Evidence for a Role of Urothelial Derived NO in Detrusor Relaxation. Experimental Biology 99.


Tizabi Y, Russell LT, Johnson M, Darmani NA. 1999. Head-twitch Response Induced by DOI is Attenuated by Nicotine Pretreatment. Soc Neurosci Abs 60.