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Presentations & Abstracts - 1998

(KCOM faculty and staff are listed in bold font)

Carlson CG. Ion Channel Aggregation and Calcium Influx: an Alternative Pathogenic Hypothesis for the Dystrophinopathies; Washington University; Sept. 21, 1998.


Carlson CG. Ion Channel Aggregation and Calcium Influx: an Alternative Pathogenic Model for the Dystrophinopathies; Truman State University; Dec. 3, 1998.


Carlson CG, Geisbuhler TP. 1998. Background Ca2+ Channel Activity in Ventricular Myocytes. University of Missouri 9th Annual Cardiovascular Day Proceedings.


Carlson CG. 1998. The AchR Aggregation Hypothesis and the Ion Channel Aggregation Model for the Dystrophinopathies: a New Alternative to the Structural Hypothesis. Muscle and Nerve 7(Suppl):S190, P2th02.


Carlson CG. 1998. Stochastic Fluctuations in Functional AchRs at Intact Dystrophic (mdx) Junctions: the Acetylcholine Receptor Aggregation Hypothesis and the Ion Channel Aggregation Model for the Dystrophinopathies. Neuroscience Abstracts 24:485.


Cenedella RJ. Symposium speaker; ICER (Paris, France); July 26, 1998.


Cenedella RJ. Seminar; Grambling State University; April 29, 1998.


Cenedella RJ. 1998. Isoprenylation of Lens Protein. Invest Ophthalmol & Vis Sci. 39:S789.


Cenedella RJ, Shi H, Zhu X. 1998. Regulation of Lens Cholesterol Biosynthesis. Exp Eye Res. 67(Suppl. 1):S4.


Cenedella RJ, Sexton PS, Zhu X. 1998. Lens Epithelia Contain Membrane Steroid Binding Protein. First International Meeting on Rapid Responses to Steroid Hormones (Mannheim, Germany).


Chamberlain NR. Bacterial Communications; Truman State University; Sept. 21, 1998.


Cenedella, Richard J., Ph.D.: Biochemistry (CME); Kola, HI; April 6-10, 1998


Chynoweth BR, Martin JR. 1998. Cardiovascular Effects of PYY Microinjection into the Posterior Hypothalamic Nucleus (PHN) of Conscious Rats. FASEB J 12:A65.


Cox JL. 1998. Cystatin C Overexpression Inhibits the Metastasis of B16 Melanoma. IIV International Metastasis Society Meeting (San Diego, CA).


Cox, James L., Ph.D: Cystatins and tumor metastasis (CME); KCOM; Lake of the Ozarks, MO; June 20, 1998


Darmani NA. 1998. Introduction of Cryptotis parva as a New Experimental Animal Model of Emesis: Effect of 5-HT3 Receptor Agonists and Antagonists. Soc Neuroscience Abs 24:2172.


Degenhardt BF, Peterson DF, Smith CM. 1998. Health Profile of a Class of Entering Osteopathic Medical Students. JAOA 98:396.


Fleschner CR. 1998. Intermediate Filament Proteins of Membrane Fractions Isolated from Neonatal Rat Lenses. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 39(Suppl):S789.


Geisbuhler TP. Nucleotide Metabolism During Anoxia in Cardiac Myocytes; Ohio University, Dept. Biological Sciences; Athens, OH; April 14, 1998.


Geisbuhler TP, Ervin HD. 1998. Anoxia Inhibits Inositol Phosphate Production after Carbachol Challenge in Cardiac Myocytes. Vascular and Myocardial Aspects of Ischemic Heart Disease. Section II:32.


Geisbuhler, Timothy P., Ph.D.: Myocardial Ischemia; Presented at Northeast Regional Medical Center, Department of Medical Education; Kirksville, MO; September 10, 1998


Hagen GR, Sexton WL. 1998. Influence of Cocaine on the Regional Distribution of Cardiac Output in Rats. Med Sci Sports Exercise 30(Suppl):S277.


Martin JR. 1998. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) Modifies the Cardiovascular Response Evoked by Carbachol (CCh) Administration into the Posterior Hypothalamic Nucleus (PHN). FASEB Journal 12:A68.


Martin, John R., Ph.D.: Methamphetamine awareness training for the casework professional; Missouri Department of Public Safety and the Missouri Juvenile Justice Association.


McGovern RJ, Heyman EN, Resnick MI. 1998. An Examination of the Effects of Structured Social Support on Coping and Functioning of Prostate Cancer Patients. The Gerontologist 38 (Suppl 1):202-3 (Annual Conference of the Gerontological Society of America; November 1998).


Peterson DF Smith CM, Degenhardt BF. 1998. Physical Fitness Profile of a Class of Entering Osteopathic Medical Students. JAOA 98:393.


Peterson DF Smith CM, Degenhardt BF. 1998. Sources of Stress in Entering Osteopathic Medical Students. JAOA 98:396.


Rhodes DCJ. 1998. Human Tamm-Horsfall Glycoprotein Binds IgG, IgM and C1q. FASEB J. 12:A113.


Sargentini NJ, Howard YM, Tinning L. 1998. Altered Long Deletion Mutation Spectra in Escherichia coli rec Mutants. Gordon Conference on Mutagenesis (Plymouth, NH).


Sexton PS, Cenedella RJ. 1998. Membrane Sterol Binding. Invest Ophthalmol & Vis Sci. 39:S790.


Stuart MK. 1998. An Antibody Diagnostic for Hymenopteran Endoparasitism is Specific for Elongation Factor-1Alpha. Program Guide & Abstracts for the American Society of Parasitologists (Kona, Hawaii).


Theobald RJ Jr. 1998. Verapamil Effects on Detrusor Contraction Kinetics. FASEB J. 12:A141.


Towns LC, Mock OB. 1998. Retinal Projection in Least Shrews Cryptotis parva. Soc Neurosci Abs 24:1394.


Uray NJ, Darmani NA. 1998. Withdrawal from Early Postnatal Cocaine Exposure Produces Dose- and Time-Dependent Long Lasting Supersensitivity in the Function of Postsynaptic 5-HT2A Receptors. Soc Neuroscience Abs 24:1112.


Zhu X, Cenedella RJ. 1998. Structural Integrity of Lens HMG CoA Reductase: Relationship of Sterol Synthesis. Invest Ophthalmol & Vis Sci. 39:S521.