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Preparing for D.O. Program Admission

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Additional Pre-Matriculation Requirements

Additional pre-matriculation requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to receive automatic entry into ATSU-KCOM’s medical school program include (See Timeline):

Meets Matriculation Academic Criteria established for Still Scholars program

  • Demonstrates progress toward successful completion of prerequisite coursework at a U.S. accredited college or university with a minimum “B” grade in all required courses.
  • Submits current transcript(s) showing the completion of all of the following required academic pre-requisite coursework to demonstrate successful fulfillment of all academic requirements for ATSU-KCOM’s Still Scholars Program. Students must have received a grade of “B” or above from a U.S., regionally accredited college or university in the following courses by the time of their pre-matriculation interview to remain eligible for automatic acceptance into ATSU-KCOM without taking the MCAT (any deviation from the pre-requisite courses requires written approval from ATSU Admissions):
    • Biology with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
    • General Chemistry with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
    • Organic Chemistry with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
    • English: Two completed courses (6 semester hours/12 quarter hours)
    • General Physics with Lab: Two completed courses (8 semester hours/12 quarter hours).
  • Maintains an overall strong academic record (3.40 or higher cumulative GPA, 3.40 or higher science GPA.)
  • Scheduled to earn baccalaureate degree from an accredited U.S. college or university

Completes AACOMAS Application for admission to ATSU-KCOM: If the Still Scholar has taken the MCAT, the score must be reported. The Still Scholar's MCAT score must be at least a 500 to continue with the application process as a Still Scholar. If the score is 499 or less, the student may apply through regular Admissions, but would not be eligible to remain a Still Scholar through the Admissions process.

Completes ATSU-KCOM Secondary Application

Receipt of Evaluation Forms/Letters of Recommendation: At least one evaluation from each required category must be received. Participants must provide new letters* from new evaluators. Additional letters of recommendation can be provided, but no more than five evaluations will be accepted.

  • Academics: Required evaluation from faculty advisor OR a faculty member from an ATSU-KCOM pre-requisite course to demonstrate strong academic progress and potential for medical school success
  • Clinical or Work Experience:  Required evaluation from at least one shadowing physician mentor to demonstrate continued professional growth toward becoming an osteopathic physician
  • Community Involvement: Optional evaluation from an extra-curricular faculty/staff advisor to demonstrate continued involvement with community service/leadership opportunities

    *Please submit letters on official letterhead or KCOM Secondary application forms only. Still Scholar application forms will no longer be accepted when officially applying to the ATSU-KCOM Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Program.

    *Letters may not be submitted by immediate or distant relatives

Lack of Disciplinary Actions in the community or at the college/university (pending or active)

Successful ATSU-KCOM Pre-Matriculation Interview on ATSU-KCOM’s campus