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Preparing for D.O. Program Admission

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Phase Two: Gaining Full Acceptance

To receive full acceptance to the program, Still Scholars are expected to complete all remaining pre-requisite courses, earn a baccalaureate degree, and be involved in a variety of opportunities to help them grow professionally in preparation for their medical school career at ATSU-KCOM. Some of these programs are offered by ATSU-KCOM in an effort to continually develop a strong understanding and knowledge about our whole-person philosophy, and a commitment to the osteopathic profession.  Participation in activities throughout the year also help Scholars build relationships with the school prior to arriving on campus. These activities may include:

  • On-Line Still Scholars Facebook Group: Scholars have the opportunity to read books/articles and discuss current issues with current Student Ambassadors and Admissions staff. Scholars will be expected to actively participate in posting comments to questions posed by Ambassadors and other students. This is also an opportunity for sharing questions and personal experiences to stimulate dialogue and learn about others’ experiences.
  • Osteopathic Physician Shadowing: Scholars are encouraged to contact osteopathic physicians and set up meetings or shadowing experiences with the intent to gain more knowledge and exposure to the osteopathic philosophy and the clinical environment. While on campus for Still Scholar program activities, Scholars may also be matched with a local physician for shadowing. ATSU-KCOM’s long legacy of osteopathic physicians includes many alumni who wish to give back to others by providing shadowing experiences. Scholars are given the opportunity to work with the Admissions Office to identify potential alumni who live and practice osteopathic medicine in their state, and are encouraged to contact ATSU's alumni if possible. If ATSU alumni are not accessible, Scholars may shadow with another physician to gain clinical experience.
  • Community Service and Leadership: Students must remain active within their community or campus in ways that demonstrate strong values of service to others. These experiences will be reviewed at the pre-matriculation interview, and can be documented through a letter of evaluation from an advisor of one of these organizations.

Scholars are also encouraged to participate in internship and/or service opportunities, gain clinical shadowing experience, and continue to broaden life experiences.

Additional Pre-Matriculation Requirements

Full Acceptance Selection Process