Interprofessional Education Collaborative Case Competition

ATSU’s Interprofessional Education Collaborative Case Competition (IPE-CCC) provides health professions students with an interprofessional teamwork experience to gain insight into collaborative practice competencies – roles and responsibilities, values and ethics, interprofessional communication, and teamwork. The competition is designed to reveal the complexity of healthcare delivery and the need for collaboration between healthcare professionals in order to reach the best health outcomes for clients/patients.

Teams of students from a variety of disciplines are given the opportunity to teach, share, and learn with each other while conducting an analysis of the collaborative efforts during the care of a patient/client. Through this interdisciplinary collaboration, students acquire the necessary knowledge and attitudes for cooperative, patient-centered practice.  

More about the 2013 IPE-CCC

IPE-CCC archives

2013 Competition

Program goal:
Provide an interprofessional team experience for health professions students, focused on the core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice (IPEC competencies). Student teams examine the life story and care of an individual and their family and develop an interprofessional team-based care plan to meet their needs.

In developing the care for the client the students consider:

The team plan is presented in an oral presentation.

Participant goals:
Develop an oral presentation of an interprofessional team-based care plan to meet the needs of an individual and their family.

The presentation will:

Specific IPEC collaborative competencies addressed:


An interprofessional team develops the case for the collaborative competition. The team includes representatives from the following professions and disciplines: anatomy, athletic training, audiology, communication, dentistry, health science, nursing, occupational therapy, osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, physiology, psychology, and speech and language pathology. They are drawn from ATSU’s Missouri and Arizona campuses, Truman State University, Grand Canyon University, and Argosy University. The team also contains a patient and caregiver advocate.

IPE-CCC history

The initial idea for the case competition originated with ATSU’s Student Council on Interprofessional Education (SCIPE), a grassroots student organization tasked with promoting communication and interaction among all healthcare professions. In response to a request from SCIPE, a faculty collaborative group was established to develop the case and help launch the inaugural competition.

The inaugural case competition was held in December 2012. Teams were comprised of students from ATSU’s campus programs and nursing students from Grand Canyon University. In the second year of the competition, teams were comprised of students from all ATSU residential programs plus nursing, communications, and health science students from Truman State University, nursing students from Grand Canyon University, and doctor of psychology students from Argosy University.