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A person's credit history is critically important in the world of finances. One's credit history in the fiscal world is comparable to one's academic transcript in the educational world. It can impact your interest rate on a home, whether or not your private student loan request will be approved, or determine whether you need a co-borrower for the loan, to name a few areas that can be impacted. Prospective employers, banks, and insurance companies all have access to your credit score. So…make sure you take care of your financial obligations on a timely basis – pay your bills on time! If you have trouble, contact that particular agency and communicate with them.

If you would like to view your credit report, simply click on the link below. This will give you the opportunity to clear up any inaccuracies before you apply for private credit. You will also see areas you might be able to improve, such as canceling any credit cards you no longer use. And since you are requesting the report on your own behalf, it will not count as a “hit” on your credit. There is a fee for the report – but it is well worth the price if you can eliminate some frustrations down the road. It might be helpful to view the presentation “Understanding the Importance of Credit Scoring” before going to the link to view your personal credit history.

Understanding the Importance of Credit Scoring Presentation