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The Gettings Family

The Gettings family, Gerry (father, white, 35 year-old male English Professor), Gina (mother, white, 32 year-old, female veterinarian-small animal), and Geraldine (daughter, white, adopted, 2 year-old female) are patients at your clinic (Gateway to Wellness Center, Columbia, MO.).


The Gettings will be visiting your clinic for help. Hope you enjoy this experience. A question or two will be added each week.

Please Note: The Gettings family is a fictional family. The persons depicted in these cases are not real. The diseases depicted do occur in humans. These cases are for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose real human conditions. Consult a licensed physician when you are ill. Treatments utilized in these cases can and do change.

Gerry's Medical History

Gina's Medical History

Geraldine's Medical History

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