Infections in the Elderly


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Table of Contents

Infections in the Elderly

Case: The presentation 

Case:Tx & Hospital Coarse

Case: What should you do?

Case: How it ended.

General Background

General problems

Lets consider IMMUNITY

Waning Immunity with age

The influenza vaccine

OMT for the influenza vaccination?

Lets consider Nutrition and infections

Malnutrition and immunity

Infections and malnutrition

Lets consider FEVER

The importance of Fever

But, does fever help with host defense?

How do we get a fever?

Fever is often blunted or absent in the elderly

Why is fever blunted in the elderly?

What is Considered a fever in frail elders?

High fevers in the elderly

Acute confusion

Delirium in the Emergency Room Two reviewers 87.6% agreement

Delirium in the ER (73 consecutive cases, 2 reviewers 87.5 % agreement)

Urinary tract infections

How might a UTI manifest in the elderly? (Slide 1)

How might a UTI manifest in a the elderly? (Slide 2)

Asymptomatic bactiuria in the nursing home

Diagnostic Problem in frail nursing home elders 

Pyuria, cultures and treatment

Likely Pathogens

Oral treatment options

Duration of treatment of UTI in the elderly?


General comments about pneumonia in the elderly

Types of pneumonia

Clinical Presentation

Answers to the Quiz

More answers

The last slide, so remember


Author: Dr. Noll, KCOM