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Downloadable PowerPoint Lectures

Please download these lectures. Use them for:

  • EBM training in and outside of the classroom
  • PalmPilot downloads for easy accessibility, a quick and easy method for self-guided learning when you are always on the run
  • Inspirational tools for lesson planning

Review Material from This Website:

  • Also get the clinical statistics calculator and the pdf downloads from the Step 3 webpage

* Some hyperlinked activities will not work as intended unless you save the files to your computer or PDA. Opening them in your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla-Firefox, etc.) will cause some presentations to end before they have finished. If this happens, please click the BACK button in the top-left corner of your internet browser.

# When saving these to your computer, you may download just the PowerPoint shows or you may download these and their corresponding videos. However, the videos may take longer to download. If you choose to download the videos, move the PowerPoint shows into the folders labeled step# before opening. For Step 2 files, additionally move the PowerPoint shows into the appropriately labeled folder within the Step2 folder. This will allow you to view the videos.