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Making this Site Work for You

Site Navigation Guide

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Technical Aspects

This website has been designed for use with Internet Explorer or as an interactive PowerPoint Presentation. If your computer does not have Internet Explorer installed on it, you may alternatively use PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer. (A free download may be obtained from the Microsoft website.) To do this, click on "PowerPoint Downloads" in the lefthand column and choose the lessons you want to view. After opening the presentations in PowerPoint, please press F5 to view as a slide show. While in this view, you should use your mouse to click on the hyperlinked text to navigate through the slides. This will allow you to take advantage of most of the rich features provided in the online format. Simlarly, additional materials may be located by clicking on "Step 3: Appraise Evidence," "Appraisal Worksheets," and "More Information."

-Please note that some components of this website currently may not perform optimally on all web-browsers. It is strongly recommended that you use Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, or PowerPoint Viewer.

Educational Goals and Methods

Active Learning

Active learning of evidence-based medicine (EBM) material is our ultimate goal. Unlike most other EBM websites, we provide you with interactive and audio-visual experiences. We do not just feed you information and expect you to retain it. We do not expect you to fully understand EBM by just passively reading long books or listening to lectures for hours on end. Instead we break it up into manageable segments and involve you in your own learning experience. However, we do not mean to discourage other forms of EBM instruction, but rather we wish to supplement these with integrative online experiences. Although this site is intended as introductory and may lack some of the details present in other sources, you may find details here that you had not previously encountered or thought about before. Additionally, a concentrated effort at learning the same information through multiple modalities may help in processing the information at a deeper level, producing a more lasting memory.

Accomodates Multiple Learning Styles

While using the site, you will see that much of the information is provided in multiple formats to assist different types of learners. You will also have the opportunity to view short movie clips and read short written segments. You will be prompted to think more in depth into questions. When appropriate you will receive feedback based on your answers that guide you when you do not fully understand the concepts at hand.


Throughout the entire lesson, you will have the opportunity to direct your studies. You may choose what you study, when you study it, and how you do so. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you at least complete the steps in order. If you have some experience, you may focus on those areas that are particular obstacles to you. If you are still having difficulty with a particular area, please seek other EBM training materials. Try attending a workshop, reviewing lecture notes, or reading a book. Try to think through the process logically, understanding it step by step. Perhaps you could ask another credible source or find someone who can help you.


Once you have completed the lessons, try integrating EBM into your clinical practice. The more you do so, the more second nature it will become. This may initially require some additional time investment, but it may save you time in the end and improve your quality of care.


If you are an ATSU student, faculty/staff member, intern, or resident, you can help us help you by clicking here and completing a short feedback form after you've had some time to use the website.

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