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Need a Stress Break?

The stress response of the body is meant to protect and support us. To maintain stability or homeostasis, the body is constantly adjusting to its surroundings. When a physical or mental event threatens this equilibrium, we react to it. This process is often referred to as the "fight or flight response." We prepare for physical action in order to confront or flee a threat.  When it is part of a natural reaction to challenge or danger, the body's response is called Positive stress.  However, when you feel out of control or under intense pressure, you may experience the physical, emotional, or relationship symptoms brought on by negative stress.  These are the signs of stress that you need to recognize and control. 

Symptoms of stress

  • Change in appetite
  • Head/neck/back aches
  • Muscle tension
  • Pounding heart
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Crying spells
  • Depression, moodiness
  • Feeling out of control
  • Apathy
  • Nervousness

What to do????

Look at the humor in the situation … eat healthy … get some exercise … listen to relaxing music...go outside, take a walk, get some sunlight, enjoy the fall colors … bake cookies … do something kind for yourself or someone else … don’t procrastinate on preparation for classes and tests … use relaxation, meditation, prayer … talk with someone who cares about you … scream occasionally … get organized and prioritize your study material … get a massage … take a hot bath … write in a journal … learn to say “no” … punch a pillow … take study breaks … try yoga or tai chi … take a night off … spend some time doing something fun with friends … take a nap ...get out paper and crayons … play with a puppy or kitten … allow yourself to cry … focus on what’s really important …  don’t accept guilt from others … eat chocolate … watch a funny movie … remember to breath deeply

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