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News Release

Date: 4/18/08

ATSU is here to stay

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. – A.T. Still University Acting President Jack Magruder, together with ATSU Board of Trustees Chair Steve A. Kardos, D.O., and Board member Pete Detweiler, hosted a special presentation and community dinner and discussion at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine on April 17.

Community partners attended by special invitation and were greeted by Acting President Magruder and his wife, Sue, Dr. Kardos, and Mr. Detweiler in KCOM’s Connell Information Technologies Center. During an address by Dr. Kardos, nearly 100 attendees heard his message loud and clear, “ATSU is here to stay.”

Dr. Kardos, a 1964 graduate of KCOM, also shared with the evening’s attendees healthcare data from ATSU, Truman State University, and the Kirksville School District’s employee population, noting insufficiencies in many areas of each population’s preventative healthcare. “Last year’s statistics show only 18 percent of individuals with diabetes received a yearly eye exam. Eye care is extremely important to individuals managing diabetes,” Dr. Kardos said, adding that Kirksville is uniquely positioned to help itself reach 100 percent in all areas of preventative healthcare.

Last night’s dinner and discussion demonstrate ATSU’s continued commitment to the Kirksville community. Acting President Magruder echoed Dr. Kardos in his closing remarks, “ATSU is here to stay forever.”



A.T. Still University is the leading institution at the forefront of multidisciplinary healthcare education founded on the principles of whole person care. It boasts Arizona’s first and only dental school, the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health,and the world’s first osteopathic medical school, the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. The University also provides osteopathic medical education through its newest school, the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona. In addition, it offers online health management training programs through its School of Health Management and trains healthcare professionals in several allied health fields through the Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa, Arizona.