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Library Access Issues

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ATSMLib Support for Distance Faculty Instruction

Distance course instructors - Do you want save time with online library resources?  Is your assignment appropriate for the most current version of a database?  Let the librarian assist you.  Do you want to use the library resources for class readings? Let the Distance Support Librarian identify resources and provide links to them.   Do you want your students to use the online library resources for research? The librarian can provide instructions for using online library resources. 

Faculty collaboration with librarians has proved  beneficial for all parties involved .  So take advantage of the personalized assistance available to distance faculty. For collaborative ideas check out the following article: Hollander, S.A., Herbert, B.R., & DePalma, K.S. (2004). Faculty-librarian collaboration. APS Observer, 17(3), Retrieved from

Below are some of the services the Distance Support Librarian and the A.T. Still Memorial Library Arizona staff can provide.

Blackboard classes

The Distance Support librarian can be embedded in a Blackboard class. The embedded librarian can monitor the course, send suggestions, and offer assistance to individual students in the class who are having difficulty using the ATSMLib AZ resources for research or class assignments. The Libarian can communicate with students using:

  • E-mail
  • Discussion boards
Answer questions by phone and e-mail

The ATSMLib AZ Staff is available to assist students. In addition to being available from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Arizona time a member of the ATSMLib AZ staff is available until 8:00 PM Arizona time Tuesday through Thursday.  The Distance Support Librarian monitors e-mail on weekends. 

Faculty should let their students know about and encourage them to use these services which include:
  • Assisting students with access problems
  • Searching questions
  • Utilizing Interlibrary loan
Prepare tutorials for searching and accessing ATSMLib AZ online resources

The Distance Librarian can develop tailored tutorials for specific courses.  These can be focused on specific assignments, topics  or exercises as desired by the instructor.  Tutorials can be:

  • Documents with screen shots
  • Online video tutorials, with voice over, providing specific instructions for using library online resources
Synchronous chats with classes The Distance Support Librarian is available for live chats to assist students in use of the ATSMLib AZ and its resources, for reviewing the ATSMLib AZ resources and services for specific assignments or reviewing evidence-based practice.  When included in Blackboard classes the librarian can participate in pre-scheduled online chats with students to provide searching tips and answer specific questions.
Helpful documents

The Distance Support Librarian can prepare specific ATSMLib AZ-related documents for any class:

  • “Welcome to the A.T. Still Memorial Library AZ” with an overview of online resources customized for each program.
  • Customized documents as needed with specific instructions for accessing specific online resources through the LRC web page.
Assistance in development of assignments requiring use of library resources The Library Director believes that the most effective way to improve our students ability to access and use evidence that can carry over to their clinical practice after graduation is to incorporate use of the library's resources into regular course work.  The Distance Support Librarian will work with instructors in developing class assignments that involve use of the ATSMLib AZ’s resources.
Work with instructor in selectiion of course relevant Library online content The library staff can review online resources relevant to specific courses and specific topics covered in a course. Mike Kronenfeld can then develop a table of links for the specific course that the students can easily locate for reading, assignments and reference use.
Assistance in use of ATSU educational technology in development of effective online instruction.
The Educational Technology Development Center (ETDC) is an unit of the ATSMLib AZ set up to assist instructors in the development of effective online instruction materials.  Click here for information on the ETDC and its services and resources.

ATSMLib AZ Staff Availability for Distance Students and Faculty

Monday and Friday

8:30 am to 5 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:30 am to 8 pm

Saturday and Sunday

E-mail assistance available

For assistance with the above or with any other library or educational technology issues please contact the AZ campus branch at libaz@atsu or 480-219-6090.


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