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ATSU Educational Videos

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Films on Demand



Films on Demand is a streaming video platform that makes it easy to incorporate educational programs into your Blackboard 9.1 based course.

The Library subscribes to its Health and Medicine collection which consists of 1,600 titles with separately view-able segments on diseases, disorders, disabilities, health care & treatment, health careers, human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, personal health and wellness, and public health.

Unatural Causes video series

UNNATURAL CAUSES is the acclaimed documentary series broadcast by PBS which tackles the root causes of our alarming socio-economic and racial inequities in health.

The four-hour series crisscrosses the nation uncovering startling new findings that suggest there is much more to our health than bad habits, health care, or unlucky genes. The social circumstances in which we are born, live, and work can actually get under our skin and disrupt our physiology as much as germs and viruses.

Note: Please use the Chrome (most ideal), Safari or Internet Explorer to view these videos.

Video Episodes

In Sickness and In Wealth (56 min.) How does the distribution of power, wealth and resources shape opportunities for health?

When the Bough Breaks (29 min.) Can racism become embedded in the body and affect birth outcomes?

Becoming American (29 min.) Latino immigrants arrive healthy, so why don’t they stay that way?

Bad Sugar (29 min.) What are the connections between diabetes, oppression, and empowerment in two Native American communities?

Place Matters (29 min.) Why is your street address such a strong predictor of your health? (This episode is available as a stand-alone DVD with English, Lao, Hmong, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Cantonese audio, as well as English and Mandarin subtitles.)

Collateral Damage (29 min.) How do Marshall Islanders pay for globalization and U.S. military policy with their health?

Not Just a Paycheck (30 min.) Why do layoffs take such a huge toll in Michigan but cause hardly a ripple in Sweden?

Series mp3 Audio Interviews

Anthony Iton Interview (mp3) Director of the Alameda Cty Dpt of Pub Hth, talks about the extraordinary health of recent Latino immigrants and what we can all learn from themHow does the distribution of power, wealth and resources shape opportunities for health?

Camara Jones Interview (mp3) Dr. Jones, research director on the social determinants of health at the CDC in Atlanta, discusses her work on measuring racism and health.

Jack Shonkoff Interview (mp3) Dr. Shonkoff, Center director at Harvard University, discusses the importance of early childhood experiences on life-long health.

Nancy Krieger Interview (mp3) Krieger of the Harvard School of Pub Hth talks about the political economy of health.

Sir Michael Marmot Interview (mp3) Sir Marmot of University College, London, discusses the social gradient in health, his pioneering Whitehall Studies and why he's optimistic about improving health outcomes.

Disclaimer: These links have been chosen for educational and professional purposes. ATSU does not endorse or guarantee any information contained in these sites but provides them as a service for ATSU faulty, staff and students.


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