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Prerequisite Courses

  • Biology - (e.g., biology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, histology, cell biology, genetics) Minimum of 3 semester/4 quarter hours
  • English - (e.g., composition, grammar, literature) Minimum of 6 semester/8 quarter hours
  • Humanities - (e.g., philosophy, religion, literature, fine arts, logic, ethics, foreign language, history) Minimum of 6 semester/8 quarter hours
  • College Algebra or higher - Minimum of 3 semester/4 quarter hours
  • Social Sciences - (e.g., general psychology, sociology, anthropology) Minimum 9 semester/12 quarter hours
  • Physical Science - (e.g., chemistry, physics, electronics, geology) Minimum of 3 semester/4 quarter hours

Transfer of Graduate Credit

The Department of Audiology will consider a transfer of credit toward the Entry Level Doctor of Audiology Program for applicants in good standing from an accredited U.S. graduate school. Students may transfer up to 3 courses (9 quarter credit hours), unless otherwise specified in future articulation agreements. The applicant must be interviewed, accepted for admission, pay all appropriate fees, and submit the institution’s Application to Transfer Academic Credit form prior to receiving transfer credit. The decision whether or not to grant a transfer of credits is dependent on (1) the content of the course, (2) the credit hours awarded for the course, (3) when the course was taken (no more than 7 years prior to the request to transfer), (4) what the course will replace within the program’s curriculum and (5) the grade received (letter grade “B” or better required). Clinical clock hours are not transferable. Due to the program’s prescribed and sequential nature, the transfer of course work credits will not result in an accelerated completion of the degree.